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If you want a quick idea how transistors amplify the sound will give you an analogy Recent some days I read a blog of Do Write My Essay they brief that. A transistor is like a tap. One pipe in, one pipe out and the plunger to regulate how much water flows between in and out. A small turn on the tap creates a larger flow between in and out. So, if you were to connect a battery to a speaker, it would give a click. Then turn on and off rapidly, a series of clicks. So now, put a transistor into the circuit so that the small voltage from your tv or iPod acts as your hand on the tap. The voltage out goes to the transistors base terminal, the speaker goes to transistors collector and battery voltage to its emitter. Then the small changes in voltage which vary according to the sound cause the connection between emitter and collector to vary in direct proportion to the base signal. BUT, that's just an analogy and requires a bit more than that in practice!
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