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Movieman 13th September 2004 03:18 AM

Is there a Lord of the Rings skin for BSplayer?
Is there a Lord of the Rings skin for BSplayer?

Eyael 13th September 2004 04:08 PM

I'm made one once but it didn't look too good.
As soon as possible I'll try to make a good one...
Cheers :D

Movieman 14th September 2004 12:23 AM

I am surprised you are the only one who tried to make it, considering the popularity of the LOTR movies. Anyway, goodluck! :D

Eyael 8th November 2004 10:51 PM


I've just uploaded a LotR skin. It took me long hours to do, so I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to create one from scratch but my designing skills weren't up to my ambitions so I took the example of many fellow skinners and used the official LotR skin for Winamp 3 adding my personal touch and necessary changes. I'm quite happy with the result except for the jagged outlines but there is nothing to do about it if you're gonna use shapes other than squares or rectangles because the bitmap format doesn't accept transparent or semi transparent pixels.

I wanted to keep the original volume and seek bars both using knob handles (HBtn) but somehow it didn't work, so I had to change them into straight lines (HB). Perhaps if anyone who reads this could explain why it didn't work, I'd learn something useful.

Here's what I did trying to define a volume button sliding horizontally:

ButtonImg=VolBtn.bmp (I have 3 buttons: n,u,d)
PosSize=x,y (where the button starts), length of the button bar, height of the button

kylek 9th November 2004 06:23 AM

i think the problem is with the "ButtonImg" tag. It should read 'ButtonImg=VolBtn' so take off the .bmp extension and have your buttons named 'volbtnn.bmp', 'volbtnu.bmp', and 'volbtnd.bmp'.

I'm a big LoTR fan so i can't wait for the skin to be published and in fact i'm working on a skin transfer from winamp myself; I'm just waiting for permission.


Eyael 9th November 2004 09:34 PM

Got it!!! Thanks so much! :D

Got confused with the HB version where you write the full name with extension. Now it works and I've just downloaded a new version of my LOTR skin with slider knobs instead of bars as I wanted to have them in the first place. So now you have the choice to pick up what suits you best. There is no preview on the download page yet, but I think you still may be able to download it. Give it a try.
I can't wait to see your skin as well.

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