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BJ1200 10th February 2013 08:33 AM

SD Card Issue...maybe?
I've had the paid version for 6 months on Galaxy S3 and still can't get finger swipe FF or the slider bar to move a movie. For instance, if I drag the slider bar to the right and release, the slider button leaps back to where it was does the movie. When trying "finger swipe" to skip forward you can see the time dsiplay advance but as soon as you release finger, the clock leaps back to previous time, as does the movie.

TONIGHT I connected to my NAS via the LAN settings for the first time. All the features work fine, slider forward, finger swipe FF, no more choppy menu, no more choppy movies. In fact, this was an amazing and smooth operation. Unfortunately, BSPlayer is intended to play movies installed on the phone...when I'm on the road.

Could BSPlayer have issues with movies on a miniSD card? The movies are all MKV, ranged from 4.3GB to 9.0GB. The miniSD card was exFat formatted, which is supported by S3 Galaxy to avoid 4GB file size transfer limits. It's a Class 10 SanDisk Ultra card. I have tried "Drop Frames" and other settings but nothing makes a difference.

Any ideas on how I can fix this. It's a stunning difference in how the LAN supplied movies work as compared to movies on the SDcard...just incredible. This app rocks...bu why not on SDcard movies?

Ico-man 12th February 2013 02:57 PM

Is the SD card defective? Copying large files works fast?

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