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oasis 26th July 2006 05:12 AM

first attempt
hi all ..i'm new to all of this and dunnow what i'm talking about so excuse me if i talk nonsense :wink:

i have an avifile with japanese subs and would like to add other subs to it(join them together to give the avi subbed to someone else

i got this far:
used BSplayer added the subfile(it rolls over the the japanese subs(i donot mind if the jap.subs cannot be removed if this can be done

now the biggest problem when i want to save the file including the new subs and play it in wmp i still donot see the new subs

sure hope this can be done somehow and that i'm doing it wrong
thanx in advance for your help/advice

Tizio 26th July 2006 12:20 PM


The jap subs are hardcoded or are they provided with a separate file?
If they are hardsubs you can't remove them (at least not in a simple way.. and the results are not good), otherwise you can remove them simply by dleting the subs file (but I think yours are hardsubbed)

You can add subtitles in 2 ways:
- Add the subtitles to the movie (and maybe you can add a black bar to cover the already present japanese subs and put new subtitles over it), this way the subs will be displayed with every player, also stand alone players, but you'll not be able to remove them (take a look at this post)
- Add a separated subtitle file (you have to choose the format: SubRip, WinDVD, etc.), this way you'll be able to display or disable them in players like BSplayer! (take a look at this post)

J7N 26th July 2006 02:17 PM

- Or mux the separate subtitle file in container such as Matroska, which supports subtitles. This way both the audio/video and the subtitle will be saved as one file.

oasis 26th July 2006 10:22 PM

thnx for the quick reply people
i'll try playing around with this dunnow if i ll pull it off but i sure have learned some things here from you ..thnx for that too :wink:

ps i saw the post was moved...sorry if i misplaced it ..i don't know this site very well yet :oops:

Tizio 27th July 2006 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by oasis
ps i saw the post was moved...sorry if i misplaced it ..i don't know this site very well yet :oops:

Don't worry, mods are here also for this kind of things :wink:

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