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Unfortunately, your video files are bad encoded. This is the typical feature of videos from coders that don't understand principles of A/V sampling. Using cheap TV card and separate sound card (or on-mainboard chip) make this out-of-sync feature unavoidable, especially when sampling audio directly on 44.1 kHz instead of 48 kHz. Soud cards run internally on 48 kHz and the sample rate 44.1 is mostly just interpolated. Moreover, video sampling ADC and audio sampling ADC are unsynchronized because of running with separate oscillators.

There is nothing else to do with such a mpeg files than resample the sound track to correspond with video track length. In avi file there is the possibility to correct the header with fps value to match the video length with audio without resampling anything (using VirtualDub for example), however the fps value will not correspond any video standart (you can get something like 25.007 fps or 23.983...), it will be sure playable on PC, but if you decide to make the mpeg from it, you will have to make the fps back to 25.000 (or 23.976 for NTSC) and resample the sound track.
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