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Yeah thanks for some wild advice :D, could be FFDShow messing it up somehow (ONLY codec I use unless I play RM or MOV files..) as this is the only option for color control....still I don't use the "color picture" properties in FFDShow and they don't change either but the color control trough the right click menu changes... O well.

Just need to know where this option is stored so I can write protect the file until it's fixed or I findout what the problem is lol
Also on another topic I was playing around with my capturing USB device (Dazzle DVC150) and got it working but my problem is this;

The device has a max resolution of PAL 720x576@25 FPS (Max for analog) but BSPlayer isn't letting me change the frame rate to 25 trough the capturing menu settings, instead it persist to set the frame rate to 29 and then force my video card to change resolution to the max resolution for NTSC and that is unsupported by my device, so I get a nice green screen.

To get around this I edited the bsplayer.xml file manually and set it to 25 along with the right proportions (720x576), this works for now so it's cool but can anyoneelse encode PAL here at this res? If so does BSPlayer mess with the FPS or not?
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