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  1. Error sounds while playing video files
  2. Youtube doesnt work
  3. BS Player with Windows 8 Problems
  4. codec x64
  5. BS.Player Free full screen tremble
  6. Subtile fail
  7. Can't drag & drop files to the playlist of the player
  8. 5.1 Surround on BSPlayer
  9. [CONFIRMED] MPA Decoder Filter Bug
  10. codec problem in resolution 1080 and above
  11. Color problem
  12. Bsplayer bug check it
  13. BSPlayer crash when open url (see video attach)
  14. BS.Player has stopped working after too many pauses or jumps
  15. subtitel SPU in MKV
  16. bsplayer's codec manager
  17. REPEAT doesn't work?
  18. Playlist not close or minimize
  19. auto subtitle errors
  20. Bs Player 2.61 are always open win mp3
  21. Number of audiostream in a container
  22. [CONFIRMED] Total time of all files is not visible in playlist in 2.62.1068
  23. DirectShow not installed! 003F
  25. screen shaking
  26. Subtitle editor bug
  27. BS Player stop working
  28. BS.Player Pro 2.61 DirectShow not installed! 0048
  29. BS Player Codec Manager don't works through proxy
  30. BS.Player not play all videos with two audio streams
  31. The BSPlayer get stuck while trying to move the video forward.
  32. Big problem with BS
  33. Runtime error
  34. everything gets stuck and my windows starts to give critical error sound
  35. cant open anything
  36. BS.Player PRO 2.61 does not support DFX Audio Enhancer 10.
  37. new problem - film hangs like it goes from and back with 2 frames
  38. Language (or codepage ?) problem...
  39. Bug in 2.61.1065 version after loading any EQ preset
  40. Click on audio options shuts down BSPlayer
  41. Embedded subtitles from MKV DO NOT work properly
  42. New LED screen - Clips playing too fast
  43. Do DVD Buttons work at all?
  44. BS player crashes when opening AVI
  45. [FIXED in 1066beta] Radio crashes BSP 2.61.1065 (but not 2.57)
  46. Error by starting BS player about subtitles
  47. keyboard shortcut B
  48. Part of the subtitle at the end is cropped
  49. [SOLVED/Cause: Samsung Kies on XP] bsplayer.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  50. Video windows off-screen
  51. DVD playback
  52. can't play rm files
  53. Changing format
  54. New subtitle engine
  55. Weird Problem
  56. TS splitter
  57. HTML code error
  58. OSD does not show up
  59. Broken after update
  60. BS player error message with EVR, Vista
  61. picture slow audio un sync
  62. BS Player Problem
  63. dual screen issue with new nvidia drivers
  64. Codec Manager not installing codecs
  65. [CONFIRMED] space before youtube
  66. Multiple bugs
  67. DTS/AC3 problem with SPDIF (for DTS WAV works ok))
  68. [FIXED] Some chars from previous sub stuck in the black border
  69. Flac support
  70. Rewind & Fast-forward with arrow keys, etc. not working.
  71. Draw subtitles to Overlay surface Bug v2.59.1059B
  72. a s h r a c k 's thread about _f o r u m _ s p e e d
  73. [SOLVED (not a bug)] Play another movie bug
  74. Forums very slow
  75. .m2ts file streams not recognized
  76. [FIXED] Minor OSD Information Bug v2.58.1058
  77. BS Player plays video file as audio file...please help!
  78. crash after about 1h
  79. BSPlayer Crashes when I turn on my TV
  80. Dts-hd problem
  81. [SOLVED] Image is upside-down
  82. [SOLVED] song file not reproduced
  83. I can't open Youtube URLs
  84. Video settings keep resetting
  85. Problem with option "when finished"
  86. Can't save Configuration File
  87. an error occurred in the aplication. when I open a video...
  88. 2.85 another Security issue?
  89. BSP_Mute on bug
  90. dany_bdL: Bug in new beta 2.58.1053 !
  91. BSPLAYER crashes randomly when using 5 sec jump
  92. Cannot jump back(rewind) movie starts from the beginning
  93. Cannot fast forward or rewind *.wmv steaming files
  94. 2nd subtitle display problem
  95. Problem with fullscreen HD playback on 2.5.7
  96. Having problem with BS.Player
  97. Unicode file names displayed wrongly with enqueue command
  99. Control panel animation is choppy
  100. Subtitles not updating
  101. Bs.player crashing while playing mkv
  102. windows gets stuck with bs player version 2.57.1051
  103. BSp crashes first time on startup after computer restart?
  104. Full Screen Control bar bug
  105. Double click on and off fullscreen gives me trouble.
  106. Random problems with new release
  107. problems with playback on netbook
  108. Bugs i found in BS.Player over time
  109. BSPlayer crashes on files >2GB
  110. Problem with file path / can't open file / no message
  111. problems with flv
  112. Windows 7, 64bit, Problem with flv aavd svcd files
  113. Player wont run movie
  114. [SOLVED] Log-off Problem
  115. , key sometimes jumps back 10minutes instead of 10seconds
  116. 2.57 subtitles bugs
  117. Playing different files
  118. Problem with Fullscreen and subtitles
  119. option to remember movie/video position doesn't work.
  120. Bugs related chitchat with no new info concerning content
  121. [CONFIRMED] BsPlayer.Pro 1050 - 1051 subtitle position bug + the fix here
  122. 1051 pro
  123. Security issue BS.Player Free?
  124. [CONFIRMED +fix] Hungarian language version mayor bug.
  125. codecs download and install
  126. [CONFIRMED] 2.57 bug - subtitles no longer download automatically
  127. Color problems
  128. Cycle Video Streams shortcut doesn't work
  129. [CONFIRMED for right to left subs] The subtitles are reversed !
  130. [FIXED] new bug for Central European
  131. Overlapping SECONDARY subtitles in full screen mode [EXPLAINED]
  132. can't see subtitles in sub folder submovie
  133. Keyboard shortcuts don't work...
  134. Multimedia Keys are Locked
  135. Overlapping subtitles in full screen mode//BS freezes once in a while
  136. Error message "There was a problem sending the command to the program"
  137. Subtitle window doesn't allow pausing the video
  138. how to bookmark radio stations
  139. Not recognizing Dolby TrueHD track in Matroska
  140. BS Player not playing AVI files at all
  141. Can't erase movie(directory) after watching it with bsplayer
  142. Filename, Symbols and Subtitles
  143. Strange skin
  144. Bug with real media files
  145. BS player cant be default
  146. subtitle bug?
  147. bug with some folder letters
  148. Bugs in Betas 2.57 [Bug 2nd subs FIXED in 1050 build]
  149. Weird mkv sound bug...
  150. With Internal rendere DirectDraw... i can't capture subtitles
  151. Close button crash
  152. Bsplayer doesn't remember my icon!
  153. I can't reopen the same film BS 2.56 is playing!!!
  154. Option bug
  155. Subtitles with language suffix doesn't work ?
  156. Access violation : advapi32.dll
  157. Bug on radio playing
  158. MKW with internal and external subtitles
  159. 2.56 Bug adding subtitle boost audio ac3
  160. Bugs/cosmetical issues re GUI/translation of BS.Player versions 256.1043-258.1056β
  161. [FIXED] 2 language subtitles show fine but are not saved after closing BSPlayer
  162. BSplayer playing video upside down
  163. Error msg when opening/closing a file in BS player 2.56
  164. M2TS files no video
  165. Lag at the end of the movies/videos
  166. Subtitles always visible when EVR renderer is used
  167. Playlist limitation
  168. Bsplayer hangs
  169. Can't open more than 15 files in Windows 7 at once.
  170. m4v codec
  171. [SOLVED] keyboard = key not working when BSplayer running
  172. Launch videos from inside WhereIsIt
  173. Screen Saver is disabled always
  174. [FIXED] Position of the video window
  175. No Video Acceleration (DXVA) in Windows 7
  176. bs player crashes on win 7
  177. Custom ratios
  178. blacks out entire screen for all other programs also
  179. Cropped subtitles problem in BS.Player v2.53
  180. AC-3 Problem
  181. Crash on file play!
  182. Static frame shown when on screen text displayed
  183. Download bsplayer codecs separately
  184. Hardcore Pan-Scan troubles
  185. Problem with some subtitles
  186. Xvid with Pal frame rate error
  187. [bug] OSD color not keeped after legal notice
  188. Color controls dont save my personal settings
  189. full screen problem
  190. "KNOWN ISSUES" (accepted issues)
  191. Bugs in new version
  192. BS Player Pro Latest bugs
  193. Incorrect "Original" aspect ration with anamorphic AVIs
  194. ['FIXED' by new option in preferences] bug in the playlist
  195. Some bugs I found
  196. .ts file. only sound plays.
  197. A simple LIST of BUGS, marked as confirmed (and still outstanding)
  198. Video allways starts in full screen mode
  199. [FIXED] subtitle problem: background always transparent in Vista/7
  200. Subtitles stretched in fullscreen (EVR)
  201. Frame fields displayed concurrently
  202. Cannot step more than 6 frames
  203. There is a bug with the X buton in playlist
  204. [CAUSED BY A WINDOWS ISSUE] bsplayer pro252.1030 is crashing a lot
  205. BSPlayer stuck when moving back/forward
  206. Bsplayer PRO v2.52.1030 BUGs
  207. [CONFIRMED] WinLirc key assigning problem
  208. Some Movies not working now with Upgrade to 2.52 build 1031
  209. [FIXED] Impossible to drag/drop to bottom position of new style playlist
  210. Bugs/cosmetical issues re GUI/translation of BS.Player versions 252/253/254
  211. [FIXED] Auto add all files from folder in playlist
  212. bass effect is very weak compare to other media players
  213. bsplayer process remains in memory
  214. Subtitles disappear
  215. Error in codecmanager
  216. [FIXED in 1031 build] BS.Player-PRO's Subtitle editor doesn't work in 1029-build!
  217. Key definition bug
  218. Taking snapshot and subtitle doesn't show
  219. Video not playing,Time NOT EVEN MOVING!!!
  220. Error Occured when opening movie on 2 screens
  221. Codec Error in BS Player 2.51 Build 1022
  222. [FIXED] Problem re. rarred subs in (sub)folder 'Subtitles'
  223. [FIXED in build 1026] Pro-beta's 1025 crash when trying to run.
  224. subtitles black-out video
  225. [FIXED] Upgraded from 1.37 to 2.51 Now having problems w/autoplay next part.
  226. [FIXED] Display of free version start-up message
  227. Bsplayer 2.51 b1022 is crashing a lot in windows 7
  228. New subtitle renderer
  229. No sound in Windows 7
  230. Equalizer window issue
  231. [CONFIRMED] No sound at playback of HD recording (Haali problem?)
  232. [SOLVED] jpg screen capture problems in EVR
  233. BS 2.51 crashing with ffdshow mplayer postprocessing
  234. [FIXED AGAIN in 1031] [unfixed in 1028/29/30] [fixed in build 1026] Subtitle Editor
  235. [FIXED] BS.Player crashes under Windows 7 (libavcodec.dll)
  236. picture is cutting a bit
  237. Pixelation
  238. Bs player problems with windows 7 Aero
  239. Turning monitor off is not working
  240. The cooler turns on
  241. Graphic bug or whatewer.
  242. Problem with bs and new Ati graphic card
  243. subtitles problem
  244. Subs&Avi problems in Win 7
  245. problems with filenames containing special characters
  246. Not sure if this is bug...
  247. Having problem getting sound on 720/1080p series/movies
  248. [FIXED] Codec manager vs Proxy
  249. "DirectShow not installed" error on Win7
  250. How to crash latest BSplayer easily.