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Mystiqq 13th November 2003 07:15 PM

Skinning - button codes
anyone care to explain these codes? :)
Many of these are easy to figure out but some aren't...

I made a "clear" list of the meanings if anyone cares :)
The "codes" are for the .ini file button thing...


BSP_ExitFScreen=0;                Exit
BSP_VolUp=1;                        Volume Up
BSP_VolDown=2;                        Volume Down
BSP_DeDynUp=3;                        DeDynamic Filter Increase Amplification
BSP_DeDynPreUp=4;                DeDynamic Filter Increase Pre-Amplification
BSP_DeDynDown=5;                DeDynamic Filter Decrease Amplification
BSP_DeDynPreDown=6;                DeDynamic Filter Decrease Pre-Amplification
BSP_Preferences=7;                Preferences
BSP_FrmCapture=8;                Capture Frame - Original image size       
BSP_Frm2=9;                        Capture Frame - "What you see"
BSP_FS_Switch=10;                FullScreen switch
BSP_SubsEnDi=11;                Subtitles On / Off
BSP_Skins=12;                        Skins
BSP_AStrmVolCyc=13;                Audio Stream Volume Cycle
BSP_Rew=14;                        Seek Backwards
BSP_Forw=15;                        Seek Forwards
BSP_SubCorInc=16;                Subtitles Time Correction + / VobSub Increase Delay
BSP_SubCorDec=17;                Subtitles Time Correction - / VobSub Decrease Delay
BSP_SubCorIncS=18;                Subtitles Time Correction + (Small Steps) / VobSub Increase Speed
BSP_SubCorDecS=19;                Subtitles Time Correction - (Small Steps) / VobSub Decrease Speed
BSP_Play=20;                        Play
BSP_Pause=21;                        Pause
BSP_Stop=22;                        Stop
BSP_ViewChp=23;                        Chapter Viewer
BSP_VBlankSwitch=24;                Switch wait for vertical-blank
BSP_Prev=25;                        Previous
BSP_PrevCh=26;                        Previous Chapter
BSP_PrevCD=27;                        Previous CD
BSP_Next=28;                        Next
BSP_NextCh=29;                        Next Chapter
BSP_NextCD=30;                        Next CD
BSP_ATop=31;                        Always on Top
BSP_OvrTop=32;                        Always on Top Ovr Mode
BSP_AspCyc=33;                        Cycle Aspect Ratios
BSP_PlayList=34;                Playlist
BSP_Mute=35;                        Mute
BSP_JumpToTime=36;                JumpToTime
BSP_Zoom50=37;                        Zoom 50%
BSP_Zoom100=38;                        Zoom 100%
BSP_Zoom200=39;                        Zoom 200%
BSP_AspOrg=40;                        Original Aspect Ratio
BSP_Asp169=41;                        Aspect Ratio 16:9
BSP_Asp43=42;                        Aspect Ratio 4:3
BSP_FSSW640=43;                        Fullscreen Switch Resolution 640x480
BSP_FSSW800=44;                        Fullscreen Switch Resolution 800x600
BSP_VInf=45;                        Video Info
BSP_PanIn=46;                        Pan IN
BSP_PanOut=47;                        Pan OUT
BSP_ZoomIn=48;                        Zoom IN (in fullscreen)
BSP_ZoomOut=49;                        Zoom OUT (in fullscreen)
BSP_MoveLeft=50;                Move Picture Left (in fullscreen)
BSP_MoveRight=51;                Move Picture Right (in fullscreen)
BSP_MoveUp=52;                        Move Picture Up (in fullscreen)
BSP_MoveDown=53;                Move Picture Down (in fullscreen)
BSP_FRSizeLeft=54;                Free Resize Left (in fullscreen)
BSP_FRSizeRight=55;                Free Resize Right (in fullscreen)
BSP_FRSizeUp=56;                Free Resize Up (in fullscreen)
BSP_FRSizeDown=57;                Free Resize Down (in fullscreen)
BSP_ResetMov=58;                ?Reset (in fullscreen? the movement?)
BSP_HideCtrl=59;                Show / Hide Main Window
BSP_EQ=60;                        Equalizer
BSP_OpenAud=61;                        Open Audio File
BSP_OpenSub=62;                        Load Subtitles
BSP_OpenMov=63;                        Open Movie
BSP_PanScan=64;                        Pan-Scan (Auto)
BSP_CusPanScan=65;                Custom Pan-Scan
BSP_DeskMode=66;                Desktop Mode
BSP_AddBk=67;                        Add Bookmark
BSP_EditBK=68;                        Edit Bookmark
BSP_SkinRefr=69;                Refresh Skin
BSP_About=70;                        About
BSP_CycleAS=71;                        Cycle Audio Stream
BSP_CycleSub=72;                Cycle Subtitles
BSP_IncPBRate=73;                Increase Playback Rate 10%
BSP_DecPBRate=74;                Decrease Playback Rate 10%
BSP_IncPP=75;                        Increase Post-Processing
BSP_DecPP=76;                        Decrease Post-Processing
BSP_Exit=77;                        Exit
BSP_CloseM=78;                        Close Movie
BSP_JumpF=79;                        Jump Forward
BSP_JumpB=80;                        Jump Backward
BSP_ChBordEx=81;                Select Chapter
BSP_CycleVid=82;                Cycle Video Stream
BSP_IncFnt=83;                        Increase Subtitle Font Size
BSP_DecFnt=84;                        Decrease Subtitle Font Size
BSP_IncBri=85;                        Increase Brightness
BSP_DecBri=86;                        Decrease Brightness
BSP_MovSubUp=87;                Move Subtitle UP
BSP_MovSubDown=88;                Move Subtitle DOWN
BSP_SHTime=89;                        Show / Hide Movie Time (OSD)
BSP_IncBriHW=90;                Increase Brightness (Hardware)
BSP_DecBriHW=91;                Decrease Brightness (Hardware)
BSP_IncConHW=92;                Increase Contrast (Hardware)
BSP_DecConHW=93;                Decrease Contrast (Hardware)
BSP_IncHueHW=94;                Increase Hue (Hardware)
BSP_DecHueHW=95;                Decrease Hue (Hardware)
BSP_IncSatHW=96;                Increase Saturation (Hardware)
BSP_DecSatHW=97;                Decrease Saturation (Hardware)
BSP_ShowHWClr=98;                Show Hardware Color Controls Dialog
BSP_IncMovWin=99;                Resize Movie Window +
BSP_DecMovWin=100;                Resize Movie Window -
BSP_IncPBRate1=101;                Increase Playback Rate 1%
BSP_DecPBRate1=102;                Decrease Playback Rate 2%
BSP_SWRepeat=103;                Switch Repeat Modes
BSP_SWDispFmt=104;                Switch Time / Frames

Thanks in advance


rulle 4th December 2003 06:30 PM

Thanks, very helpful.

Two new functions in RC1 build 803:
105; Fast forward
106; Fast rewind

Don't know the actual command names because they are not documented in bsp.h yet.

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