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zhadum 30th January 2004 02:59 PM

skinning - i give up - no help available
ok, i tried, tried, tried. i just didn't get it

i been looking at other skins, trying to figure out how they are made. what is used for what. hoping to find how it goes.

i didn't. :-(

all i can do, at best, is get the skin to display, miserably. i managed in my peek of glory to get buttons to mouse over and clik and display the right image at the right place. but they did nothing. open didnt open. play didnt play, exit, didnt exit.

i searched the forum to end up on a "tutorial" created by a french guy who tried to translate his own tutorial. well, he should have wrote it in french! and let someone who can speak english do it. coz it makes no sense, and the info there is innacurate, when compared to skin files i checked

I need either french or english, i can manage with both languages, a generous soul to help me figure out how this works.

Thanks in Advance


kylek 8th February 2004 03:15 AM

Check out the 'skin.ini' file in the 'base' folder. It's a good starting point.
for more buttons try this post:


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