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Shaggy 22nd March 2005 12:58 PM

Media SUBlimed skin
Hi everybody,
in my skin (Media SUBlimed),I had a problem with the main picture, fisrtly in v.0.1 I couldn´t see the grey line in the left which in WMP could be seen, so the skin was white in its left, it was a "shaped" problem because I resolve it adding a black line where the red colour ends.
But when i formated and reintalled windows the black line could be seen, so i clear it, attaching the problem to windows, but what has been my surprise when i have seen the preview in downloads page and the grey line in the left (which can be seen in WMP) isn´t there, what´s happened?, can anybody tell me how to resolve this issue. Has anybody used my skin, does my skin end in its leftside in grey or in white?

Thaks a lot. I hope i have explained it well.

BSPeter 22nd March 2005 09:00 PM

Hello Shaggy,
Don't know what version this is, but here's what it looks like on a solid lightblue background.

Shaggy 22nd March 2005 10:21 PM

Thank you a lot BSPeter, if it is how it is seen, everything is ok.
Thank you again. :D

kylek 24th March 2005 01:01 AM

On my computer, there is one slight distortion in the lower left corner of the skin as the image shows. Check this thread (esp. Seigo's post) for the current solution.

try here for version 806

BSPeter 24th March 2005 09:13 AM

In this connection also this post refers (which perhaps better shows what exactly happened (past)), but as far as I know this has meanwhile been solved. (News-section re build 815: "fixed some bugs in skin engine"), in which case there's no need whatsoever to go back to build 806 to create the rgn.dat and rgnfs.dat files (which were not included in the Media SUBlime skin which I downloaded by the way).
I'm presently using build 817 (builds 815/816 unfortunately were not suited to be used under Win9x/Me).
What build are you using kylek?

kylek 24th March 2005 01:55 PM

ok, neglect my previous post. I was still using build 812, but i've since upgraded and everything appears fine in the newest build (817).

BSPeter 24th March 2005 02:53 PM

Conclusion: bug in skin engine, which was introduced with build 807, has meanwhile been SOLVED!
Users of build 815+ which perhaps still observe that the left-hand border of skins looks somewhat peculiar (as if pixels are missing), could perhaps check/proceed to (possibly!) repair as follows:
  1. Make sure under folder-options that "known file-extensions" such as .zip are not hidden (so that you can actually see what you're doing);
  2. If applicable exit BSPlayer; then browse to BSPlayer's "skins" (sub)folder;
  3. Rightclick on skinfile (e.g. 'example.bsz');
  4. Select [Change name] and hit [->] button (arrow right);
  5. Replace "bsz" by "zip" (3x [Backspace] and type "zip") (if maybe asked to confirm, just click [OK]);
  6. Check if the compressed file (now e.g. '') contains a "rgn.dat" and perhaps also a "rgnfs.dat" file;
  7. If not ... end of exercise.. just undo the changes (= Go to 11.);
  8. If the dat-files are present; unzip the compressed file in an own folder (e.g. named 'anyName') within BSPlayer's "skins" folder and simply remove/delete the rgn(fs).dat-file(s) from that 'anyName'-folder;
  9. Start-up BSPlayer, rightclick and select "Options">"Skins" and select as skin the name of the subfolder you just created (e.g. 'anyName'); then play some seconds/minutes of a movie (also in full-screen, with full screen skin shown!) after which exit BSPlayer;
  10. Browse to your skin's folder (e.g. 'anyName') in which folder the files "rgn.dat" and "rgnfs.dat" will now have been (re)created; select all files in the folder and create a .zip file (do not compress the folder, but only the files it contains!); the name of the zipfile will be(come) the name of the skin;
  11. Rightclick on the .zip-file; select [Change name]; hit button [->] (arrow right) and replace "zip" by "bsz" (3x [Backspace] and type "bsz"); if asked to confirm, just click [OK];
  12. Finished

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