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bona 23rd August 2007 09:00 AM

Open URL button dont work! & ONE QUESTION

I use BSP SkinMaker v1.07by Tizio & i dont know if i'm a first to found this bug, but i can't found solution for this.

So, I assigned function -Open URL- to a button & when i click to that button (when im finished skin), nothing happens !?

And I have another question:
Is it possible to assign function to a button, if that function is NOT on the list of functions in SkinMaker v1.07by Tizio?
- to be precise i need:

- OPEN DVD from HD

Thanks very much for reading this, & in advance for reply.

Tizio 23rd August 2007 02:05 PM

Hi bona!

LOL, in my country "bona" is the way guys call really good girls :lol:

I'm the author of BSP SkinMaker.. I know my utility needs some upgrades, first of all is the ability to add new actions not available at the time I release my last version (don't worry, it's in my todo list since two versions and it will be surely included in the next release. The problem is that I don't know when I'll release new versions of the skin maker).
Anyway the only 2 actions not available in BSP SkinMaker are the 2 new actions:
123=Increase audio delay
124=Decrease audio delay

Unfortunately the actions you want to implement in your skin are not available at the moment, if you want them to be included in next BSplayer releases, please, write a post with your request in BSplayer FEATURE REQUEST section of this forum ;)

In regards to the other problem (the Open URL "bug"), I've not tried it, but I'm pretty sure that if all other actions work and only that one doesn't work, then it's BSplayer bug, not BSP SM one..

If you have other requests, suggestions or questions in regards to BSP SkinMaker, feel free to ask here ;)

If you want to add not yet available (in BSP SM) actions to buttons, just edit manually the Skin.ini file (it's explained how to do it in BSP SM User Guide)

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