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beholder4096 27th April 2010 08:56 PM

Hardcore Pan-Scan troubles
Hi again, I am having difficulties with pan-scan being reset etc. In videos like this one:
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Depending on various settings the videos in fullscreen get resized in various erorous ways however not one setting was able to give me automatically a video at pan-scan setting 0. Pan-scan is always changed to some default negative value, usually at about -7 percent. Video must be resized manually to reach "true fullscreen" at pan-scan 0. This is so weird.

Remember pan-scan settign doesn't even work right with that video. I don't know how to set anything right with this, please help. Needless to say, normal videos with size for example 640x272 are pan-scanned ok (with p-s at 0).


adicoto 28th April 2010 08:15 AM

The video is 4:3, but pixel aspect is 3:2 so, press shift+3 when playing the file.

beholder4096 28th April 2010 10:46 AM

hey, guess what: I've tried that in the 1st place. The same problems (pan-scan gets to default minus 15 percent). Funnily enough, video in fullscreen gets smaller and smaller as I change the 3 basic aspect ratios at fullscreen repeatedly.

And when changing the video from fullscreen to windowed and then back to fullscreen (and so on) the video gets so small that it is invisible. Changing pan-scan to anything above -100% (negative hundred percent) will eventually show it.

Why would a pan-scan with BELOW minus 100 percent be even implemented, is a mystery to me. It doesn't make sense to make something so small that it's invisible.
I mean think about it.. in reality when something is made smaller than NEGATIVE 100 percent of the original, it disappears - it becomes a black hole which actually gets wider with its event horizont size growing with each negative percentage point added to minus 100.

The point is that changing pan-scan to -100 or below doesn't make sense. I saw the video at -99.5 percent, it was just a few px wide and long. -99.999999 percent would make it 1px wide, I guess. But -100 is impossible. Video disappears. EDIT: Turns out normal BSplayer pan-scan behavior doesn't enable video to get below -30 percent or so. The negative size change below minus 100 percent happens only when switching between window and fullscreen, btw.

The other point is that this is a moot point, since what really doesn't work for me is the default pan-scan value which has to be changed manually to get video sized correctly. Regardless aspect ratio, mind you.

cressy 28th April 2010 01:11 PM


adicoto 28th April 2010 03:47 PM

If I recall correctly, problem with repeatedly full screen -> windowed screen and back was mentioned some time ago (maybe more than 1 year, I am not sure)

beholder4096 28th April 2010 09:34 PM

Yes, and I think it's possible to debug since it happens to me always.
I think the switch from windowed to FS has something to do with the pan-scan problem. When I set the videos to always play at fullscreen from the beginning, the switch is still there (although it switches really fast). That's why the pan-scan is always messed up, even if I set "remember pan-scan" or "remember movie settings" and other stuff.

cressy 29th April 2010 10:08 PM

Hey beholder, I had much the same issue as you. You would have seen if you followed the link to the topic I started that pressing 5 on the number pad resets pan&scan.

beholder4096 30th April 2010 12:08 AM

I don't think it's the same issue: when I press 5 on numpad the OSD says "pan-scan at 0%" but in reality the image is small and it doesn't resize and pan-scan is really at about -16% or so. I really can see it when I press + key on numpad - the OSD suddenly says -16% (even though it showed 0% just a second ago) and the image gets a bit bigger (toward the normal size).

beholder4096 1st May 2010 02:32 PM

a comment from a dev or bug confirmation would be nice. Thanks in advance.

BTW, this seems to be a serious issue, since it can be easily replicated on another computer with totally different architecture and screen size / ratio.

beholder4096 5th May 2010 12:24 PM

So I have finally come to solution of my troubles, here it goes:

1. I was unable to switch off pan-scan. I finally achieved this by modifying bsplayer.xml, anulled this: <PanScanSV type="int">352</PanScanSV>
I am not sure if it could be somehow switched off normally, I tried various settings but I failed, so I had to resort to exploring and modifying xml.

2. I didn't realize that by switching to 4:3 ratio the pan-scan gets actually automatically activated and puts the videos in question to about -16%. How weird and how confusing for a user. Pan-scan change while switching to 4:3 should be indicated by OSD. Pan-scan should be indicated by OSD when a new video is being run too. Or at least there should be a setting for users to display that info in OSD in settings.

3. The videos were a bit confusing too, since they are screengrabs of 16:9 videos having upper and lower black border, which puts them to 4:3 ratio. This fact, added to point #2 above, completed the initial confusion.

4. There is still some very weird bug which lowers pan-scan when video gets repeatedly switched to/from fullscreen and/or aspect ratio changes repeatedly. This may result in video actually disappearing at fullscreen at pan-scan below -100%. With <PanScanSV type="int">0</PanScanSV> this is not the case (I think), but try to change that value and try again, that may trigger it I guess.

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