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aida 24th March 2003 10:48 PM

Please help with BSPlayer
Hi I have had BSPlayer installed for quite awhile now. Just a few days ago,I opened BSPlayer and it did not work properly. When I clicked on the icon in my normal way what happened was this; You see BSPlayer at the bottom of your screen in the taskbar but you cannot utilise it. In other words the program is unable to be accessed. It just stays within your taskbar at the bottom of your screen and you cannot pull it up. Ok here's my system Klone,XP Pro,Direct X 9, 256 megs of RAM, Cable Modem service (Comcast) Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra Video Card. What I had NOT done previous to this occurring [Updated BSPlayer or modified it in any way] What I DID do after this problem to try to correct this issue [Uninstalled BSPLayer,Re-installed it] This did not fix problem Please help me. I am grateful and appreciative for your counsel. Michael

aida 25th March 2003 07:52 PM

Is there anyone that can help me? I would really appreciate iot so much. The only other thing that I could mention that might help you to help me is this....Ok so when you click on BSPlayer (like I said) the computer puts the program in your taskbar at the bottom of your desktop but you cannot pull it up in order to operate it. Now at the SAME exact minute you are pulling trying to pull up BSPlayer you see this; from within the taskbar, you see the bsplayer jump very quickly to the far right hand side of the taskbar and quickly jump back to it's position in the middle of the taskbar. :cry: :oops:

Quietseb 26th March 2003 01:06 AM

try to run the clearreg.exe program that is in your bsplayer directory

I wouldn't bet it will help you, but it's still something to try...

aida 26th March 2003 02:40 AM

:oops: Thank's friend. That Worked. Since this is a learning experience for me,will you please explain how this worked? What was messed up in the registry which needed clearreg.exe? Was there a file which was corrupted? Once again,thank you. :cry:

Quietseb 26th March 2003 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by aida
What was messed up in the registry which needed clearreg.exe?

I have no idea ! :lol:


Originally Posted by aida
will you please explain how this worked?

I won't really explain because I can't, I don't *know* anything about that

here's are my guesses though:
I believe the uninstall feature from windows is a bit too cautious with the registry, or maybe it's crappy I don't know.
I suppose clearreg on the opposite completely wipes out of the registry any reference to bsplayer...

I think uninstall/reinstall of bsplayer is most often ineffective, whereas running clearreg.exe does fine (especially when you didn't use the self-installing version but extracted the zip yourself ;))

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