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alarmer 16th April 2003 06:05 PM

Tvout picture not centered :(
Hello there.

It has been long time since i used Bsplayer and I was glad to see that my ATI radeon 9700pro Tvout works with it well.

All the movies I have watched have worked well and zoomed properly.

I just reacently encoded myself Harry Potter to into resolution 480*192 and I have a problem.

When I play the movie it is not centered in the tvout, it is in the right side leaving a black gap to the left side of my 32" panasonic widescreen tv.

When I change to Overlay 2 the screen is centered but the picture gets stuttering and not nice to watch.

With power dvd the picture comes in normally :/

Is my packed potter movie not good resolution or what could be the problem ?? All other movies work very well in tvout.

alarmer 16th April 2003 06:36 PM

Ah it seems that it was DirectVobsub doing its tricks.. There was a option that it would double the resolution if smaller than "resolution" ..

And my 1 cd potter was smaller than this, so guess it figures what happened.

VobSub doubled the resolution over the resolution of max Tvout and picture was weird..

I dont really know why the originally the picture came small and in left corner. :/

alarmer 16th April 2003 08:14 PM

I watched many of my movies and came to a conclusion that there is something wrong in Bsplayers way in handling overlay.

All my movies run fine and centered well with powerdvd 4 , but with Bsplayer there are some glitches.

Signs , Xvid version of the movie doesnt play at all, the tvout screen just flickers everytime I start that movie. It happens sometimes in random but restarting the power dvd always cured this one, not with Bsplayer :( I have tryed atleast 20 time, turning off the tvout and back again , no go :(

And then there is still the movie not running in center with tvout. Potter somehow got fixed and runs in the center but Road to Pedritition does not, xvid movie too. With power dvd, no problems.

Is anybody else having same kinda problems?

I would like to use Bsplayer since the subtitle handling is great ;)

Iam using winxp, divx 5.02 and latest koepis Xvid codec.

junpei 17th April 2003 07:19 PM

Xvid is tricky. You might just need another build of that :roll:
But true, there's that glitch, and it comes out in full-screen mode for me (either on monitor or tvout). It seems as if it sticks into a resolution and then stays there. In another topic here they suggested that directvobsub might be playing its tricks. Check that out, maybe it'll solve your problems. :wink:

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