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boathouse 21st May 2003 04:39 PM

Monitor/TV display shows 'ripple like' effect...
I've been using BSPlayer for a long time with an NVidia Ti500 video card without any problems, but have recently swapped to an ATI Radeon adapter.

When watching a movie on the TV (or monitor) I can now see an unusual effect. During a fast panning of the camera I can see something like a ripple effect. The top half of the display will seems slightly behind the bottom half.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can maybe suggest some config changes that might help?

I've tried playing movies with WinDVD and don't get this problem, but I'd much rather use BSPlayer!

Wazzer 14th July 2003 02:58 AM

i have the exact same problem with a GF4ti4200. any help?

arcon 14th July 2003 07:11 PM

it sounds like a vsynch-problem.

did you enable 'wait for vertical blank' in the video-options?

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