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Chuko 30th October 2003 07:42 AM

Sound goes faster than picture, and Complete System Shutdown
Ok, this is my problem, one that is not only related to this, but other players as well

On some movies I watch, the sound goes faster than the picture, if yu get what I'm saying. But this problem is not unique to the BS player. It also occurs if I use Media Player, but not if I play the vidio op DivX. The solution to this would be to play it on DivX, except for the freakish unstability of that player on my system, and that moves me onto my next problem

Also, another problem, this time universal over all players I use. Occasionly, the picture stops and sound contines. On BS Player, the picture remains, but doesn't move, while on DivX and Media Player, the screen just turns black. Most of the time, I recover from such events, but sometimes, the computer goes automaticly into safe mode and tells me that there has been a fatal software error, and it is best to save my work and restart the computer.

Has anyone got any sugestions to ether problem?
My system is relitivly new (ie, early this year)
1.7 Gig Celeron Prossessor
NiVada TNT2 64 Vidio Card (I personally think this is the problem, but no one listens to me)
256 Mb Ram
RealTech AC97 Audio Sound card

And Please do not say update vidio cards, I have the latest cards avalible and the problem still persists

I will be thankful of any help given

Chuko 1st November 2003 12:20 PM

No one has any answers? Oh well, I managed to fix the problem anyway by myself. Thankss anyway, even if you tried, however another problem has occured, I will try to gather more information on the problem before I post here again.

adicoto 1st November 2003 05:01 PM

Problem is not on your videocard, I have one of those myself, not on you cpu, which seems fair enough. So, what motherboard do you have, what kind on memory (sdram or ddram) and what settings ?

Chuko 2nd November 2003 10:57 PM

If this is for the constant blackouts, I would have no Idea what they are, the sound problem is fixed, so if you can tell me how to find out these values, please tell me, hang on a sec, I think i have a AOpen AX45-533 or somthing similar, according to a booklet I have but cant tell you about anything else, I'm dealing with a much bigger problem. It seems, that for some unknown reason (well, actully I know the reason) a BSPlayer will now not run any avi file!

Microsofts online crash anaysis responce indicates that there is somthing wrong with the Morgan Stream Switcher, from Morgan Multimedia ( is the name of the perticular file in question). This seems to be an important file for running AVI's (or at least thats what GSpot says) but avifiles run fine on other players, it only seems to be BSPlayer that does not work. Now, I am reduced to using old school media player, the basic version, as the only reliable player I have. If any one can help me in fixing this problem, it would be greatly apreciated!

Quietseb 3rd November 2003 07:40 AM

morgan stream switcher is completely unimportant for use with bsplayer: its only purpose is to allow playback of avis with more than one audio stream.
BsPlayer does that natively => you don't need

either you want to keep it anyway => you should upgrade it

or you don't want to keep it and you should unregister it from your system:

regsvr32.exe -u
if the file is not in your %windir%\system32 directory, you'll have to provide the full path to in this previous command line

Chuko 3rd November 2003 11:13 PM

Thanks, while reinstalling it did not work, unregistering it did, every problem with BSPlayer is now fixed, and I cannot wait for the next releace.(although the terrible problem with DivX remains, but I will go over to thier web site and complain)

Chuko 7th November 2003 01:28 PM

Chuko's got a new problem (sorta)
A problem once more. The system shutdown I thought only happened in DivX and Media player has spread to BS player. I was watching a movie in full screan, when the picture stopped, but the sound continued to go. This had happened once or twice before I fixed my system earlier, so I just waited for the screan to move again. This is when things started to go wrong. The sound stopped, and started back up again. This is a sign, as I had found out of device failure. I let it go, and this repeated itself about five times. Then, a Blue Screen came up waying that to prevent the damage of Data, the computer would automaticly shut down. There was more on this screen, but it dissipered before I had a chance to read it all.

The computer restarted, and everything went back to normal. As I logged in, this box, along with a report this issue to Microsoft link, came up. It has occured before, as I said, but never in BS Player,


Computer restarted after unexpected Shutdown. Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure. The driverr for the display drive was unable to complete a drawing operation. Please contact the device manufacturor for a driver update. The display driver NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 seems to be responsible for the system failure
I have already clicked on the link to Microsoft Crash Analysis, and always it tells me that it is the fault of the Display Driver. I need guidence on what to do to fix this problem, other than purchacing a new display driver

Thanks for the ongoing help,


adicoto 7th November 2003 01:57 PM

Update your grafic card drivers. Your tnt have no problem but drivers can be sometimes a big one. I have 4403 and all is ok.

Chuko 7th November 2003 08:24 PM

Obviously, you did not read the big bold letters in my first post. Unless they have updated the graphics drivers in the last week, I have up to date ones.

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