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Milo_Mindbender 8th November 2003 06:47 PM

Serious MultiMonitor bug (window vanishes)
Hi, I really like this player but have discovered a really nasty multimonitor bug.

If I play a movie my main monitor it works fine, when I play it on the second monitor the window vanishes (the whole window, picture, windowframe and all) and I can't get it back though sound continues to play.

The problem only occurrs if the second monitor is set (in the display control panel) to be to the LEFT of the main monitor. If you put the second monitor to the RIGHT of the main one it will work fine.

I think the problem is caused by the monitor having negative window coordinates. Windows puts the 0,0 position in the corner of the main monitor so if you have a second monitor to the left of the main one, the coordinates of windows on that monitor will be negative.

I have an Nvidia GEforce 4600 card with multimon support (two VGA monitors attached). Latest drivers, Windows XP with all patches, latest DIVX and build 501 of bsplayer. I'm running in "force rgb" mode.

testy_tester 9th November 2003 08:50 AM

re: Serious MultiMonitor bug (window vanishes)
I have the same problem with my ATI card. The solution (work-around) was to close the player with the window in the second monitor and relaunch the player again and the video shows up again.

I've seen this problem with ATI's USB TV card before. I think the way they fixed it was to force a redraw on the screen when it detects window is greater than the current single monitor resolution. They hardcoded it. Since BSPlayer has a setting for screen size, it could test to see if window is not in x, then redraw.

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