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gairs 10th October 2003 11:44 AM

'Real' PanScan Mode
I am currently writing a tool to add pan-scan information to MPEG files, but I can't find a player which I can use to test the re-encoded files.

I may be wrong but it seems like BSplayer ignores the pan-scan info and just displays the center section of the video.

Could a pan-scan mode be added which would read the information in the MPEG fields:


and display the video within this window.


bst 16th October 2003 08:19 AM

Could you send me some sample file ?
Or upload it to
ftp u:bsp, p:upload

gairs 17th October 2003 02:22 PM

I have uploaded two files, NTSC_16x9_No_PanScan.mpg and NTSC_16x9_PanScan.mpg.

Unfortunately I don't yet have any MPEGs with the frame_centre_vertical_offset and frame_centre_horizontal_offset values set, but as soon as I have them, I can pass them on to you (if you need them).

NTSC_16x9_No_PanScan.mpg is 720 x 480 and has display_horizontal_size set to 720 in the sequence_display_extension.

NTSC_16x9_PanScan.mpg is also 720 x 480 but has display_horizontal_size set to 480 in the sequence_display_extension.

I uploaded a little utility for viewing the MPEG fields, it needs .NET framework 1.1 to run.

gairs 20th November 2003 01:28 PM


I now have MPEG files with full pan-scan information encoded within them. I tried to upload one of them to you, but the login above is no longer valid.

Let me know if you are interested.

bond 21st November 2003 12:03 PM

hi gairs

do you have plans to add such infos to mp4 files too?

gairs 4th December 2003 10:07 AM

I don't know much about MP4. If it's not much of a task, then I will probably do it.

bond 4th December 2003 10:36 AM

hm, i dont think so :)

check out the 3ivx vfw codec!
it already supports adding an AR to .avi, when you mux this .avi with the 3ivx directshow muxer you will get a spec compliant (!) .mp4 files which has the AR stored inside
during playback it gets resized properly of course

XICO2KX 15th January 2004 11:33 PM

PanScan is really useful! :D
But I think the changes on the image should also be written to the overlay so it would show the Pan-Scan effect on the TV Screen too! :D
Currently it doesn't do that... It only appears on the PC Monitor, but on the TV Screen it just show the movie normally (without PanScan)! :(

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