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jesseSlowMotion 24th November 2009 05:59 AM

Playback rate = Slow Motion f5/f6
I use B.S. Player for the Playback rate feature so I can slow down videos I download off of YouTube with RealPlayerSP. Now my problem is that the Playback rate is stuck on slow motion and now when I go to any YouTube video it plays in slow motion. I have executed the BS player and loaded a video into and then used the Shift F5 and F6 keys to slow or speed up the video but it is stuck in slow motion. This is very irritating. I have since turned my PC all the way off/shutdown and then turned it back on and the settings are still set to slow motion when pull up a YouTube video. I also reinstalled it and that didn't do anything. I have now uninstalled it completely and rebooted but for what ever reason it is still in slow motion when I turn my PC on and then go to the YouTube or any page with video for that matter. What happened, please help your my last hope. thank you techies...:angel:

BSPeter 24th November 2009 07:55 PM

Either ...
... depressing key [X]
... (rightclick >) Playback > Playback rate > 1x
doesn't solve it?
Actually [F5] and [F6] result (by default) in an increase resp. decrease of playback speed by 1% and in combination with [Shift] by 10% (so the result isn't necessarily an equivalent of "slow-motion").

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