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laboheme 17th November 2003 10:18 AM

Intermittent sound blips and blurry images
I have version 1.0 of BS. I am watching a divx saved on desktop. when I watched it in bsplayer I would get intermittent sounds blibs (similar sound to when you plug in the speaker cable to a stereo that is already on and you hear serious feedback) and sometimes the images were blurry. I then try DIVX player and get same problem. I then watch it in preview mode in virtual dub (dubbing in progress whatever that means) and there is no shifting image (though it is not as sharp as bsplayer) and no sound blips. So I am an amateur user and not looking to edit files or anything complex I just want to view. So my question is why can't the bsplayer show it as well as virtual dub? I am sure I will be told that virtual dub is a completely different type of application but all I care about is the viewing experience. The only reason I will not shift completely to virtual dub is I couldn't find a way to switch to full screen mode and the image is not as shart. Can anyone clarify this mystery?
apologies can't remember exactly the type of divx file.

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