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Thorz 10th August 2002 08:33 AM

Help with settings please. Jerky movie!
I have been using BSPlay for more than 4 months and never had a problem, but I have dl a movie (Independence Day) and I cannot play it correctly, it looks jerky, like if my machine was not enough for playing it.
The strange is that I have a good machine, an Athlon 1800+ with 512 RAM.
I have only installed the DiVX 3.11a codec. I have also installed in the system WinDVD 4+.
It can be the movie, that's true, but I think there has to be some optimal settings that I can have for be sure that I am getting the must of my PC in BSPlayer with the mayority of the movies. I have been searching the forum and I have found vague descriptions of optimal settings, and as there is not a help file then I am little lost. I have been reading about overlay and other things but I am quite ignorant yet on these topics.
I have a Geforce 3Ti 200 card.
I really apreciate a little help from the users in the forum.
I am using the defaults on BSplayer and have to point that other movies play very well.
These are my questions:

- Some general advice for optimal quality settings with my configuration.

- Is it still true that the DiVX 3.11a codec is better than the 5.x one in quality, or are they on par now? I still play and encode my movies with the 3.11a, but maybe the 5.x has catched up already in quality.

Thanks a lot.

goety 10th August 2002 04:13 PM

install the 5.02 codec!!
and start encoding in that one,
it is more complicated to encode
but the quality is better!

to increase playback quality,
go to the settings, make sure an overlay is selected.
go to the divx settings tab, there should be 2 tabs on divx,
make sure both sliders are all the way up,
quality should be good now,

if it is really jurky playback of independece day,
I think it is the file which is bad encoded.


Thorz 11th August 2002 09:03 AM

Thanks goety, I was really thinking that the 3.11a gave better quality, I had read it in sites like doom9 and others. When you speak about the 5.02 I think it has to be the pro version the one that gives advantages no?
You are right about the ID, it must be the movie that is bad enconded, almost all my others play great.
But speaking about decoding, is it enough with the 5.02 codec or the quality of the DiVX 3.x movies is still better if you play them with the 3.11a codec?

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