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trodas 26th November 2002 04:04 PM

Best playback quality - setting DivX decoding filters
Once i did a great "mistake", and installed DivX 3.11, and then DivX 5.0.2 over it. :wink:

Nothing is that bad, but now, suddently, when i moved the postfilter options down to minimal (this is also so called "quality" level, but its bullshit naming - this just blur the movie even more, so, making the mpeg blocks corners blurry are probably supposed to "increase" of the resulting image quality :evil: ) - but W/O this the movie looks GREAT! :o :shock:

I was amazed! Too many unseen before details and - holly shit, what a sharpness!!! :shock: 8)

Desplite the small size on screen, the movie (Queen of the Damned, BTW) visual aperance nearly startign to be comparable to DVD quality! (i have some more (142) DVDs, so i know what i talking about :wink: )

Unfortunetely, this movie cant be resized for fullscreen playback. There are the known jagged edges, so, it just must be played non-scaled, thats all.

Luckily, BSPlayer can do that - just for fullscreen switch to resolution the movie are made for, and - viola - you (ATM sadly only teoreticaly) get a great picture, never seen before.

There are only there problems now.
I reinstalled my windows and i have no idea, how to convice the DivX to just DISABLE the unwanted annoing mpeg block-blurring.

The second problem is, that at least BSPlayer b490, altrought allowed me to play a 512 pixels wide movie on 512x384 screen (hoooray!) has a bug there, the image is veraticaly stretched to about 1/3 its own height... Latest b492 even crash, when you try if convice to use 512x384 res, so, dont try that!

The third problem is, that resolution 640x480 looks ugly. Why, when 512x384 not? Because of microlines! The damn pig*uckers on nVidia just forgot to allow us to enable double-refresh, to we can see this resolution as nice, as the 512x384 is (in fact, because this is higger resolution, it will look even better! And yes, even on 17-19"...!). Solution? Ask these, until they allow to do that. :wink: 8) (mails i got :wink: )

Want email to some nVidia suckers? :wink:
Or can anyone help me with the DivX filters settings - eg. how to hack them to they do NOT blur the image anymore?

Deadmeat 5th December 2002 06:33 AM

Re: Best playback quality - setting DivX decoding filters

Originally Posted by trodas
Once i did a great "mistake", and installed DivX 3.11, and then DivX 5.0.2 over it. :wink:

This is (in my experience) the best way to install divx. Divx 3.11 contains an audio codec that means you dont get sound on some encodes, despite the fact that Divx5 can decode the video perfectly.

trodas 8th December 2002 06:25 PM

But DivX 5 decode the video much more blurry that DivX3.11 !!!

Beleive me, you never ever seen quality DivX video, untill you install DivX 3 docec and then delete into windows/system32 file or somewhet similary named one...

Then you unfortunately cant play the DivX into BSPlay, you have to use MS MediaPlayer 6,4... :cry:

bst 9th December 2002 12:04 AM

You can still Use DivX 3.11 decoder even if you have DivX 5 installed
Just uncomment this lines:
DIV3={82CCD3E0-F71A-11D0-9FE5-00609778AAAA},DivX 3.11 MPEG4 decoder
DIV4={82CCD3E0-F71A-11D0-9FE5-00609778AAAA},DivX 3.11 MPEG4 decoder

in bspfilters.dat

As for 512x384 resolution, there is bug in Nvidia drivers that causes only 1/3 or so of video is displayed.
You can turn off Overlay mode but, then you probably won't get hardware resizing and filtering.

trodas 13th December 2002 04:26 PM

bst, thx for interesting reply!
Actually, there is a way better solution now - FFD show filters. They are good, fast and quite soon they delived the same decoding quality as DivX 3.11 with deleted the file into WinNT/System32 directory - this one cause the slight blur into image... :evil:

I try modify the filters for immediate effect, thank you for the tip :wink:

And te resolution, damn, thats a serious bug. I have to bug nVidia then, rather that you! :shock: :evil: :wink:

...but into fullscreen mode i dont need/want ANY resizing, you know, i already asked you about a option to do NOT resize the movie into ANY way at fullscreen (just center and black rest, that it is) :wink:

So, i try this partial solution, thx for usefull tips! :wink:

trodas 13th December 2002 06:20 PM

...well, i tried even force RGB mode and such ways to disabling the overlay, but then, when i tried fullscreen the movie, BSPlayer hangs... sadly...

BST, is there are anything, you can do about it?

...and pls remove the other that 32bit resolutions from the fullscreen resolution menu, thx...
Not to mention - is not he prefs are supposed to show the selected resolution, when there it is? Because when i select it, and close and reopen the prefs menu, noting is visible, so... a little visibility bug is out there :wink:

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