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wanfu 9th February 2006 04:53 PM

BSplayer error
I'm having problem with bsplayer 137.826 when trying to play Xvid.Ac3 video file.
BSplayer v1.37.826, Unhandled exception at EIP: 02A1F8EE
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
If you have internet connection, it's recommended to send error report, this will help us solve problems faster.
Access violation at address 02A1F8EE in module ''. Read of address 00000000
Call stack: 00000000,02A1F8EE,0040367F,004F965B,004F9A3B,004F9 A6F,004F98A1,00506E39,005071AB,00506AFB,00503906,0 050542C,005076B4,00558050,00550C79,004376ED,0044FB 0A,004C95F8,0044CD28,004CA388,0044CD28,004556EF,00 5710F3

can someone please help me out how to fix this. Thanks

adicoto 9th February 2006 07:17 PM

If you like to use VobSub to display subtitles maybe is a good ideea to upgrade to a newer version, I am afraid that you have an old version. If you use BSPlayer's subtitles, you don't need VobSub, so disable automatic loading of subtitles in VobSub.

wanfu 9th February 2006 09:12 PM

I think i have the latest version 137.826. Is that right ? and could you show me how to disable Vobsub from automatic loading. I'm new to this

adicoto 9th February 2006 09:32 PM

In fact I was talking about a newer version of VobSub.
Anyhow, go to start->all programs->vobsub->directvobsub configure (or something like this, I don't recall exactly) and on the 2nd tag you have the option about subtitles:
allways load
load when needed
don't load.
Just select the last option and press OK.

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