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lekiam 3rd January 2003 11:00 PM

A little autorun problem
I made the following batch file to play my movie, use subtitle and check to see if divx is installed ( if not nimolite executes)


ECHO Created By

if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto OSNT
IF EXIST %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM\DivXc32.dll GOTO OK

IF EXIST %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\DivXc32.dll GOTO OK

START bplay "..\Harry Potter - The Chamber of Secrets CD1.avi" "..\Harry Potter - The Chamber of Secrets" -fs -eend


It works fine when i execute it from harddisk but not when it autoplays when the cd is inserted. it says it can not locate bplay
I think that is because the scripts doesn't know were bplay is wile it is executing (difficult for me to explain myself in englisch, sorry)

So, does anyone know if there is a command for the cd-rom like %cdrom% or something. Just like %systemroot% etc.

ps. I didn't actually burn it to disk, i made an iso and used daemon tools to load it. This should make no difference compared to a real cd.

I would realy apreciate any help.


lekiam 3rd January 2003 11:57 PM

it seems that this makes it work:


START bplay


START bsplay\bplay

But now it only works from cd, and not harddisk lol

But still, i am curieus to know if there is a command like %cdrom%
(command is probably not the right word)

ps. ...computers are wierd...

lekiam 4th January 2003 12:50 AM

i wish i had known this before, if the subtitle file is the same as the movie file it is automaticly added. This is a very nice feature if i had not already burned my cd's. now the subtitle is displayed twice. lol
so, here comes another question. does this work with all subtitle formats?
or just a few?

i should have left that part of the command line refering to the subtile out.
Shit happens...

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