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askuiper 14th June 2007 06:56 PM

Initial questions on BSPlayer Pro Lite
Hi all....just getting started with BSPlayer. Looks good so far. I'm using Pro Lite....but somehow suspect I'll need to upgrade to Pro very quickly.
I have some questions:

1. Is there any way to import my Winamp Media Player into BSPlayer. I'd hate to have to rescan 1000's of tracks.
2. I have a Plextor PX-TV402U attached. How do I get BSPlayer to record or even view TV.
3. Is there a HELP facility? I can't seem to find one and F1 just presents a roster of authors.

I'm sure there will be more as I get deeper and deeper into the software, but that's all for now.


PS: Almost forgot to add: BSPlayer loads a video faster than any program I've seen. WOW.

Tizio 14th June 2007 08:31 PM

No, there isn't a user guide for BSplayer, but it's very easy to use and there are not complicate features (in most cases if you find something you don't know in the options, simply hover the mouse on that option and a tooltip will appear)

Unfortunally to watch/record TV with your Plextor card you need FULL pro version...
For Winamp tracks, in BSplayer's playlist there's an option to import Winamp playlists ;) (not the media library... but 1000 songs are not so hard to load)

adicoto 14th June 2007 08:53 PM

@ Tizio :)

1000's can be also 9875 files spreaded over 4 HDDs in 437 different folders.

1. Tizio responded allready.
2. Tizio again.
3. You also have this forum where you could ask any question and you will get answer at the most of them.

Tizio 14th June 2007 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
@ Tizio :)

1000's can be also 9875 files spreaded over 4 HDDs in 437 different folders.

Oops, I read 1000, not 1000s :lol:

askuiper 14th June 2007 10:58 PM

I appreciate the response. The actual track count is about 130,000 over 3 hard drives. I tried adding some tracks to the media lib and it seems to add rather quickly so it may not be TOO bad. I'll go at it slowly. Oh....if I add Videos, I'm talking about 1100 over 5 320G Hard drives. You can see that I need a program I can really rely on.

Regarding the Plextor device. I've tried 3 other packages that were supposed to record/watch using the Plextor device and they were terrible. Names will be given if you really want them. One of them, and I use other software from this vendor, looked very nice.....worked well....but I didn't get any audio. Emailed them about 14 days response. They obviously don't care.

I'll continue to work with the program to see how it goes.

Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it.


adicoto 15th June 2007 05:41 AM

We can continue a discution about recording software if you want, on PM.

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