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zmth 3rd September 2009 02:27 AM

how to play selections automatically
Is there any way to play selections in sequence as one desires automatically without having to do it manually. Would like to sit back and just let the video or song clips go on in succession without me having to go to the computer and open up the next one when the other finishes. I thought that was called playlist but apparently bs player has no way to create one yourself or play one that one creates and why is there NO help file with bs player?

adicoto 3rd September 2009 07:08 AM

Rightclick -> playlist. There you have your playlist container, in which you can add all the media you want. You can also save differet playlists saved. If that doesn't satisfy you enough, there is also a media library (rightclick -> media library).
On the other hand, you need to have "repeat all" function enabled, so all thge files in a playlist will be played.

BSPeter 3rd September 2009 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto (Beitrag 38495)
On the other hand, you need to have "repeat all" function enabled, so all the files in a playlist will be played.

:confused::confused::confused: : "repeat off" will do just fine!

zmth 4th September 2009 03:01 AM

answer to right click playlist is useless
the only thing on playlist is the dot pl and right clicking does nothing.
Alt-E brings up playlist with no where to give it a name . I add files to it but it is only ONE playlist you can NEVer give a name and anytime you select a file to play it changes to only that single file in the playlist and all the work i did putting files in there is wasted as it is gone!! Ofcourse on preferences i had to choose the old style playlist because the new one is even more useless - it does not even have
an add files. And rt clicking on media library does nothing as it is empty.

BSPeter 4th September 2009 04:10 AM

Rightclicking on BS.Player's control panel or the video window brings up the right-click-menu on which "Playlist" is one of the options which can be selected.
The dot pl is not on playlist, but on BS.Players control panel=main window.
Rightclicking on BS.Player's playlist window (either old style or new style!) brings up a menu with several options such as adding (individual) files or (all files in) a directory=folder and it also gives you the option to "Save to file" the playlist created by you. [Use "internal format"; there seem to be some problems with text format].
Note you can also add files to the playlist by the simple drag and drop-method.
When you have created a playlist-file you can start BS.Player with the files you (pre)selected by simply clicking on the appropriate playlist file. If BS.Player is already up and running, you can load the playlist file by rightclicking on the playlist window (either old style of new style: doesn't matter) and select "Load from file".
Media library is empty, just like any playlist, as long as you havn't added files to it.)

zmth 4th September 2009 07:18 AM

rt click is same as alt e and does bring up playlist but..
yes you can add files like i said before but that is only ONE playlist and no way to give it a name and like i said it is destroyed and replaced by a single file if one brings up any file by clicking on a media file in explorer. The only way i found to name playlist is go to media first and load files into there and create playlists with different names yes you can but that is the only way possible. ok i can live with that but have NO control over what order they are played or listed except if EVERYTIME you have to order them in the playlist with NO name or says current playlist and then you do all that work but they are NOt ordered in playlist with the name but remain the same order i guess in the order on the hardrive;. It would be much better if the same up down was put as an option on the NAMED playlists
like windows media player thru a lot of painstaking work but atleast it is possible with that. Bottom line is alt e is same as cliking on playlist but it is always theone with NO name!!

zmth 4th September 2009 11:31 PM

possible solution
Finally think may now understand atleast partly the answer to what others posted to the original question ' how to play selections automatically' It is misleading and obscure and not obvious to say the least .
What is frustrating and makes little sense is after doing alt E to get into the playlist menu? (i guess that's what you may call it) nowhere does the name of a named playlist
appear prominently or at all - but it always says just 'playlist' at the top and nothing else no matter what . Instead of just playlist at top it should read ' playlist : name ' if the playlist first brought into the window already has been saved and named 'name' or else say ' playlist : untitled ' if the page is blank or otherwise as yet to have been named or saved to disk. And at the bottom instead of having to first click list and then ' load from file' or 'save to file' it should appear prominently ' save playlist ' or ' load playlist ' without having to go into or under any other menu first such as under ' list ' . A playlist is usually a group of files and not thought of as a single file so the term ' load from file' or 'save to file ' is not thought of as denoting anything to do with a playlist and nowhere does it say or imply to the effect ' create your own playlist here ' for example . Also missing is the command to play a named or otherwise playlist . It's a long shot but after all the current misleading terminology i might surmise that one might play a playlist under menu ' open file ' just as for a regular media file but instead use the name of the playlist which apparently is stored as a file with a certain extension? - i think this may have worked in one trial more or less but have no assurance if that is a reliable way to do it so the question still remains how does one play a playlist ?
Though i would surmise from the answer postings that this is the way to do it .
Another inconsistency is under the 'media library ' ? section where at top appears ' BS player Ml ' there is a part at left where one may create a ' playlist ' which i did try before and then can add files in media library to these ' playlist ' names. So what is the relation of these playlists to the ones in the first part i wrote of above under alt - E 'playlist ' ? menu . And nowhere did the names i gave the these playlists created in this media section turn up to be available anywhere on the hardrive ?

I guess the biggest drawback is why is there not a help file explaining all these unclear and misleading things ?

BSPeter 5th September 2009 02:59 AM

Maybe read the answers given more carefully.
A manual also has no value if you don't read it properly.
(Then again: who reads manuals these days anyhow.)
Most importantly: DON'T DOUBLEPOST !
Note your remarks are certainly appreciated and e.g. the fact that a playlist doesn't show its name (or 'untitled' as long as it has not been saved) is IMHO a valid remark. On the other hand I already wrote how to start a playlist: i.a. by simply clicking on the playlist file (or rather on its icon). BS.Player playlist files have .bsl as file-extension. Where you as a user save your files (and under what names) is entirely up to you; you can choose that when saving.

zmth 5th September 2009 05:04 AM

save to file (relative paths) ?
What does save to file relative paths supposed to mean? Anyway it is the only one that works so far as the last few trials while the other plain save to file appears to do exactly same but whenever you bring up the saved filename it is always empty so it seems should just do away with the term save to file(relative paths) since it has no meaning and just use save to file and just use the one that says ..relative paths .. for it since the other one ALWAYS never works and without exception just brings up an empty useless file just do away with it.

adicoto 5th September 2009 07:24 AM

By any chance, do you run Win98 ? If so, I am sure that a Java update will solve some of the problems.
If you run Vista or Seven, please turn off UAC

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