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SolidSnake916 27th January 2009 08:57 AM

Seeking Backwards / Rewinding in not working on some files.
Im using BS.Player v2.34 Free
I have K-Lite Codec Mega Pack, Used to have CCCP.

The problem is, some files, mkv/ogm usually old encoded files with old codecs, have problems seeking backwards and rewinding. Instead of doing what its supposed to it starts the video at the beginning.

But its not the files fault, because in other players it plays does what its supposed to. I lived with this problem for a good year now while using bsplayer, and i've had enough. I am requesting help on solving this issue.
Thankyou for reading, and i hope this can be solved.

P.S. I heard GDSMux can fix the problem, but i don't feel like doing alot of files, and wasting alot of time...and i don't even know what to do with that.

SolidSnake916 27th January 2009 09:54 AM

I got more news that could help solve this

It seems its the way bsplayer plays the old mkv/ogm containers. It works fine Media Player Classic. I can provide the file if needed to test it.

adicoto 27th January 2009 02:31 PM

Media PLayer Clasic uses Gabest MKV splitter. Does BSPlayer uses the same, or Haali ?

SolidSnake916 27th January 2009 03:00 PM

im unsure of telling if its using it or not. I believe its usign Haali. The file also works in GOM Player, Zoom Player, VLC Player, KMPlayer. Them are the players i've tested them on. Also i dont think my media player classic is using Gabest, since i dont see that on my computer at all.

adicoto 27th January 2009 05:25 PM

MPC it's created by Gabest and contains many of the requiered filters / codecs inside the main executable file. That's why you can't see Gabest MKV splitter when using MPC.
VLC uses it's own splitter, KMP uses Gabest, the others I don't know.
On the other hand, probably BSPlayer still have some incompatibilities with Haali and I don't exclude this as a cause too.
But, did you disabled "seek to nearest keyframe" in general options ?

BSPeter 27th January 2009 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by SolidSnake916
im unsure of telling if its using it or not. I believe its usign Haali.

You need not be unsure as you can simply see what filters/codecs/splitter BS.Player uses for a specific movie:
Load the movie-file and then
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced
(clicking the [+]-es will reveal further info and e.d. access to setting-options).

adicoto 27th January 2009 07:18 PM

Or just look into the systray when playing a video if Haali's icon is there.

SolidSnake916 28th January 2009 08:06 AM

HAHA, wow. adicoto your good. I disabled seek by keyframes and viola, it works. Thanks alot. Also haali is loaded. I thought it was since its in my tray, and when clicked it shows the process graph. But by checking the advanced filters, it shows it too. Problem is resolved for now. Thanks again!

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