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  1. Problem with picture
  2. Video i made with my phone is backward
  3. Privacy question
  4. Hardware Acceleration are a future in BSPlayer ?
  5. where to enable timecodes?
  6. Bs Player loop (AB) issue
  7. amplify audio
  8. Open Video problem
  9. How to deactivate my BS account?
  10. Issues with BS.Player
  11. new posts...
  12. Subtitles drag and drop does not work
  13. How can I switch audio track
  14. Specific MKV file doesn't open
  15. XVID CODEC MAY BE REQUIRED error message
  16. Can't activate winamp enhancer in BSplayer Pro.
  17. play video from where you left off
  18. Flickering issues
  19. Problem with video playing From another Hard Drive
  20. outline color?
  21. No Audio
  22. Cannot display Hebrew subtitles
  23. FHD 5.1 video sound on stereo TV very bad
  24. Video player - A hybrid of BSPlayer and VLC?
  25. how to access ffdshow configurator?
  26. Video is not Centered
  27. Add files to playlist
  28. BsPlayer dosent keep the screen aspect ratio
  29. Whites rendered as light pink?
  30. Codec problem
  31. How To Enable Loudness Equalization?
  32. Screen flickers when i close Bsplayer
  33. windows 98 se compatibility
  34. Question automatic load of the playlist
  35. Audio problems
  36. VPx is a different format
  37. Left arrow key reverses the video up to an hour
  38. Impossible to change the audio track in a .mkv file
  39. 74lobster@gmail.com
  40. I have a Radeon HD video card and I wanted to play mkv files
  41. How to get BSplayer to do these needs ?
  42. Capture Original Size P doesnt do so, 4K becomes HD
  43. Delete my account
  44. problem: slow start
  45. Can't get video on mp4 file
  46. can not play MP4 only
  47. Bsplayer open square window on new movies
  48. subtitles
  49. alternate brightness change (darkening)
  50. Show frame stepping time
  51. Subtitles cant be positioned properly?
  52. BS.Player Newbie
  53. Win 7 - ESET - install problems
  54. Weird problem when clicking in full-screen
  55. Subtitle auto resizing
  56. SMB 3.0 cifs LAN failed to connect:<00>
  57. Subtitles cant be positioned properly?
  58. An error occurred in the application
  59. Bsplayer cant run on sd card files at chuwi windows 10 tablet
  60. Support for 21:9 display
  61. Can't find subtitles in specific movies
  62. gpu display renderer
  63. Please, help me! Problem after I update my BS player
  64. Filmul este fragmentat
  65. Pitch is changing when I change speed
  66. Cast symbol does not appear anymore
  67. No Play List
  68. BS player playback rate setting
  69. BSPlayer stutter problems in certain files when subtitles are enabled
  70. CAN'T SEE 1080P VIDEO
  71. Video not play
  72. Why i can rename the video file while play?
  73. Volume up with scroll up
  74. Audio is not working
  75. Cannot install filters
  76. does not play
  77. Audio 5.1 problem (render in stereo)
  78. Going full screen doesnt fit the picture to screen
  79. Permanent crush
  80. BS.Player suddenly using subrip subtitles
  81. Transferring BS player bookmarks
  82. External audio autoload and mka extension support
  83. Trouble with installing MiniLyrics
  84. Mkv file plays as audio file only!
  85. amplify audio
  86. Should bsplayer register with a fixed path or as clsid?
  87. Bsplayer doesn't remember color settings
  88. Bsplyer windows showing a smaller video
  89. files from giphy.com download as mp4/BS Player files and not as .gif files
  90. Win 10
  91. bsplayer open square window on new movies
  92. Pixelated video in BSPlayer, not in other players
  93. Multiple audio
  94. Video on its side
  95. Hide Video Window Toolbar
  96. original audio sound
  97. SO HAPPY NOW!!!
  98. No audio in video files?
  99. Save video with audio added / loaded
  100. External Audio
  101. vertical line on mp4 movies
  102. Gibberish on Preferences screens
  103. Active movie window
  104. Help on Suporting Sales for PRO Version
  105. Playing of mkv files
  106. No sound in mp4 files
  107. Playback problems
  108. Doesn't play any more
  109. Problem with overlay renders
  110. Low voice audio on 720p+
  111. Remembering chosen audio track / subtitles for a video?
  112. subtitles auto search for mkv
  113. Blu-ray
  114. Can't click anything in BSPlayer window
  115. More than 24 frames per second
  116. automatic load of the playlist
  117. Start-up without opening other active instances?
  118. Window size at video start
  119. 4k Monitor Scaling problem
  120. Weird problem in BS player pro 2.7
  121. BSplayer dispays all videos pixelated when enlarged
  122. world famous astrologer in india
  123. Which episode I am watching
  124. Audio working perfectly, video repeating same few frames over and over
  125. Purchased BS Player Pro 2.70 Help with Settings Please
  126. Serial subs
  127. An error ocurred in the application
  128. "Triple" video
  129. Dual audio problem
  130. BS player doesn't react when i open video
  131. Rendering and screenshot
  132. How to change font used in BS Player preferences?
  133. Frozen player window
  134. Windows 10
  135. .mkv video problem
  136. Is there a User Guide/Manual?
  137. How to adjust proper video player resolution?
  138. Its possible to save movie with the downloaded subtitles in it?
  139. Can't play mkv files, codecmanager doesn't download all codecs
  140. Alternative for subtitles search
  141. Which is next
  142. Disappointed with Windows version vs Android version
  143. Sometimes shows @23.976, sometimes @25?
  144. Display from Playback on the main window
  145. NO VIDEO, HELP!
  146. Newbie with BS Player...
  147. Video pixels and colours have a pencil-like effect. Other players run videos fine.
  148. Do not download codecs?
  149. Google blocking bsplayer as a security threat
  150. bsplayer forces Win7 to go to "windows 7 basic"
  151. Subtitles ....
  152. main menu and menu options physical size
  153. online radio keeps crashing 1 second after loading
  154. Login-Problems
  155. Parental control
  156. Bs player pro for pc and chromecast
  157. Unable to install bsplayer pro
  158. BSplayer starts with huge zoom
  159. russian subtitles don't work..
  160. How to get BSPlayer to play files at original size?
  161. BSP Crashes when loading video
  162. BsPlayer won't open files
  163. BS Player 2.69 & Windows 10
  164. alternate brightness change (darkening)
  165. ZD Soft Screen Recorder
  166. Can't download codec list
  167. BsPlayer slow opening files
  168. TV Recording
  169. Download and install Codec Separately
  170. BS player fail settings
  171. DVD's will not play
  172. 4 layers of the same subtitle
  173. Start playing a movie at a certain point
  174. BSplayer stopped working
  175. Unicode support for BSplayer
  176. android 5.1/bsplayer 1.23.181
  177. Help - video stops playing after few seconds and won't work after that
  178. QUERY: black screen on some videos
  179. codecs are not willing to be installed!!!!
  180. BsPlayer won't open files
  181. Problem with fullscreen,help (!!)
  182. Video staggering/stalling
  183. Auto Play
  184. QUERY: Windows 8.1 write-permissions
  185. Track Titles from CD
  186. can't find codec and can't d.l. new codecs
  187. Problem:line and staggered colors
  188. full screen problem
  189. subtitles: is this a genral phenomenon?
  190. Can't put BSPLAYER as default media player
  191. SSA Subtitles are not effected by subtiltes properties
  192. Another "ActiveMovie Window", with CDG
  193. emded bsplayer into a html page?
  194. ini help?
  195. [PROBLEM] Full-screen mode "glitch"?
  196. assign audio files to mp4 files automatically
  197. Installation failure
  198. 3D SBS
  199. Need help with Bsplayer, changing file??
  200. Queue songs on J window
  201. 2.58 unbugged
  202. Windows 7 - ESET - install problems
  203. BS Player crashes and plays error sound over and over
  204. No sound thru HDMI
  205. What`s wrong with my bs player?
  206. BS Player Unsolved problems!
  207. BS.Player Can't Save Configuration File
  208. Only video, no sound.
  209. Windows 7 - Overlay mixer - dark pink lane
  210. BS Player Freezes my computer
  211. Install older version
  212. Can't install Bs Player
  213. Remove my account and threads pls
  214. How to play next file in playlist?
  215. BSplayer doesn't play anything.
  216. bsplayer chromecast
  217. BS Player for NCIS
  218. AVG MalSign.Generic.834
  219. Help me pls
  220. Framestep and screenshot problems
  221. Download link = old version
  222. Queing up a movie via command line
  223. Black Screen
  224. Problem with Greek subtitles
  225. cmd line to start bsplayer and load 2 external audio by default
  226. Enable auto load external audio?
  227. android vixeo players
  228. CANNOT INSTALL ON Win8.1. Possible cause?
  229. How i can backup any bsplayer registry value
  230. cannot install latest update of bsplayer
  231. the tiny main BS window is gone?
  232. BS player cleared the errors
  233. BSP Installation virus warning
  234. Android BSPlayer: How can you do continuous playback?
  235. BS player in one window?
  236. washed out colors
  237. Can't see Hebrew correctly (BS Player PRO v2.66)
  238. Remove watermark with Pro version?
  239. Bsplayer don't install
  240. Bsplayer won't play anything from my D drive
  241. show menu on mouse move
  242. Queue a song to play next
  243. no drag and drop !!!
  244. rotate video 90 degrees
  245. BS player crush
  246. where is the captured images path ?
  247. bsplayer in external hard drive
  248. Need help
  249. No video via HDMI
  250. how to integrate external audio to a video?