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  1. No video via HDMI
  2. how to integrate external audio to a video?
  3. Playing 3D SBS movie in 2D
  4. cant run videos on bsplayers
  5. Main window size
  6. Date and Time stamp
  7. BS.Player crashes on Windows 8 when started
  8. Please help, sudden image worsening
  9. Sub Problem
  10. Make BS Default player for Kindle Fire HD
  11. BSplayer codecs
  12. Drag and Drop to Playlist Not Working - Windows 8
  13. Desktop Mode Windows 8
  14. BSplayer for Smart TV?
  15. is not writable / "must be restarted" infinitely
  16. Audio / Video Out Of Sync Only With BSPlayer
  17. A really weird problem with BS player
  18. please help me
  19. Chromecast support
  20. BSplayer and Windows RT
  21. Do Not Ask Me To Download Subtitles
  22. Multiscreen Problem
  23. Not Open a MOV file size 3.6GB
  24. Screen is black in full screen
  25. BSPlayer stutter problems in certain files when subtitles are enabled
  26. .sub files' timing not working when using EVR (win7)
  27. cant uninstall / install
  28. Eset smart Security block www.bsplayer.com
  29. Big volume differential to other apps
  30. I need help getting Ctrl-B (next chapter) to work!
  31. BsPlayer can't play mp4
  32. Is there a way to set the Video Background BEFORE playing a file?
  33. Is it possible to jump ahead in a video using a keyboard shortcut?
  34. Warning
  35. Is it possible to put video window and buttons control window together?
  36. VLC Media Player
  37. capture
  38. User Manual for BS.Player Pro
  39. video
  40. -hide command line parm still lets controller appear momentarily
  41. HW accelerated playing?
  42. Fullscreen no video, Moviemode works fine
  43. Watching sbs (side by side) movies in BS.Player
  44. Problem: can watch videos only on fullscreen
  45. Freeware version at work?
  46. Gibberish instead of Hebrew
  47. BS.Player finds ArchLinux SAMBA share but won't connect.
  48. subtitles error
  49. Playlist with URL not loading
  50. Very strange problem - Pause does not work
  51. Audio problem ! (not the first not the last)
  52. BIG problem generating thumbnails
  53. Problem with mkv and subtitles
  54. Free version of BSPlayer ?
  55. Subtitles Auto Split Problem
  56. Hardware Decoding supported for Note 2?
  57. Bsplayer requires Admin priviledges every time it starts
  58. 'DivX 4+ properties' is gray (disabled).
  59. [FIXED] Update Info Fails
  60. How to properly enable AC3filter in bsplayer
  61. No Audio on any files
  62. Playback speed problem
  63. Problem with BS Player PRO and Win 8
  64. Embed BSPlayer
  65. Major Problems
  66. skips a song when in other window
  67. display action / status question
  68. No audio on single AVI file
  69. Playlist. SDK Troubles.
  70. CodecManager not working
  71. BSplayer as default for JustinTV
  72. MP4 Broadcom Crystal HD
  73. How to run codecs check again?
  74. Caps
  75. Playing a list
  76. ERROR: Always playing slow-motion and low pitch audio! Why?
  77. BS player does not open a file when I do double click on it
  78. problem with subttitles
  79. Frame rate indication
  80. BSPlayer exits Full Screen Mode
  81. How to use Color Controls with AMD Radeon 5450?
  82. black video in win7 64 with overlay mixer
  83. Darkish movies
  84. Sound disappear after 30 seconds
  85. BSplayer files
  86. Always on Top does not always work
  87. Slow video = Audio distorted
  88. Movie Size 1280 x 720 @ 25 frames.
  89. Problem with displaying VobSub subtitles
  90. What about a MAC OS version?
  91. Getting best resolution for screen capture
  92. deleting unwanted video
  93. BS Player rewinds to a certain point all the time
  94. How do i move the codecs that i got from codecmanager.exe
  95. The video freezes
  96. BS Player crashes at once
  97. Skip forward amount
  98. How do you restore screen saver settings?
  99. Subtitle position going wrong
  100. When in fill-screen on second display via HDMI image jumps
  101. Chapter viewer
  102. How can i cancel the "PLAY" "STOP" etc.. pop ups at the video window?
  103. 5.1 Sony Surround Sound, Sound Blaster X-fi Card, BS Player no playing 5.1...Help!!
  104. BSPlayer problem movie width
  105. how do i bitstream?
  106. Moving window off-screen
  107. Streaming problem
  108. can't save configuration file ERROR
  109. packed x264 video file opening problem
  110. BSplayer plays video, no sound at all, reinstalling doesnt help.
  111. Problems with 'Multiple Instances'
  112. Ver 1.41 Time counts down instead of up...
  113. Info on screen ...
  114. Problem when i open video files and with utf-8 greek subtitles
  115. Bsplayer and PLAY TO (right click) option
  116. Full screen 720p movie glitches
  117. who can help who has the answers PLEEEAASE HELP
  118. Fully hardware accelerated playback: Radeon HD 6000 + BSPlayer. How?
  119. Bsplayer Stuttering with subtitles in fullscreen Problem
  120. Playback rate and Minnie Mouse syndrome
  121. Video and Audi lagg
  122. help me please!
  123. bs jumps forward when i alt tab
  124. Framerate limit/cap on BS Player. How to?
  125. Enable DIVX, Disable FFDSHOW
  126. audio streams
  127. My Movies
  128. Pinacle remote control/name of the fullscreen process
  129. Problem with file associations
  130. Loading Subtitles & Maximizing Causes Terrible Screen Lags
  131. DirectShow not installed! 004A for LAV filter
  132. Mac version pleaseeee!
  133. Overlay mixer for Windows 7
  134. free licence - commercial usage
  135. BSplayer crashes in subtitlemenu
  136. tag identity removed
  137. send/receive commands from/to bsplayer using c#
  138. Subtitles
  139. how to reset settings in bs player
  140. sbs movie subtitles
  141. Diff Size error
  142. is there a file that holds all the settings?
  143. Open Locked Media Files in Win7 isn't working
  144. Help?
  145. bsplayer259.1059 - no Dolby DTS output anymore
  146. Upgrade resets some settings to defaults?
  147. BS Player keep switching default Opening Files' Programs
  148. video freezes on startup
  149. [SOLVED] Problem with sound in mp4 file
  150. [SOLVED] Capture youtube resolution
  151. Removing overdubbing.
  152. [SOLVED] No audio on .mov file
  153. Automatic Aspect Ratio on TV-OUT
  154. play movie backward
  155. How to Generate Thumbnails from Streaming Videos
  156. Cannot download subs
  157. Windows media Player 12 vs. BSplayer
  158. BSplayer OK on full screen but pixelated on window
  159. = ¿Umek video "Posing As Me"? =
  160. Weird issue on Asus EEE PC
  161. Horrible movie/player/windows lags when watching movie over 20 min??
  162. = Problem to buy the Pro version =
  163. BSP_OpenFile, Unicode and C++
  164. SDK help
  165. Keyboard shortcut to change audio stream
  166. BS player pref. Filter Management Add Filter works for you?
  167. Bs player mp3 album Art Cover ??
  168. DSP plugs don´t load in BS player!! plz!
  169. 10-bit: how to make it work?
  170. Time Seek not working (jump to keyframe unchecked)
  171. Use BSplayer on TV Is it possible ?
  173. "closed playlist"
  174. Seeking is laggy with720p and 1080p wmv files
  175. screenshot with subtitle bsplayer
  176. FLV Frame-by-frame
  177. Subtitle auto resizing
  178. My screen turned off
  179. Chapter viewer start automatically?
  180. private use notice
  181. Need any useful suggestions for first steps.
  182. Problem viewing videos on my BS Player.
  183. Problem with coreavc 2.5 and ac3 filter
  184. Force to use ffdshow?
  185. Malware in bsplayer [FALSE REPORT]
  186. Frame stepping issue... not working as I'd like it to...
  187. picture does not fit
  188. Mkv. data plays too fast
  189. Audio
  190. Control panel gone!!
  191. Video previews
  192. Strange problem with WD Mybook Live nas
  193. Lock video screen
  194. No sound - MOV files
  195. Pro Question
  196. functions not working
  197. back up codec
  198. can't hear
  199. How to prohibite for BSPLayer to set itself as a default player?
  200. Help! Can't play 1080p D=
  201. few subtitles
  202. change the direction of subtitles
  203. shoffle question
  204. Subtitles, ATI extend and Theatre mode
  205. Problem playing in 16:9 mode
  206. playing 1080i
  207. BSPlayer SDK question.
  208. Full Screen Skips with Subs
  209. Logging played files
  210. Why bsplayer can't play some aac radio streams
  211. [Lang. Problem] Seeing gibberish instead of Hebrew.
  212. Disable "Unable to play media file" popup permanently
  213. BS Player crashing near the end of file
  214. bs player
  215. BSPlayer and Winlirc
  216. Flicker when fullscreen and showing subs
  217. Frame by frame, backwards ?
  218. Don't play the Google VP8 videos!
  219. Playlists
  221. MKV playing fast, skipping seconds and gets stuck
  222. Drag and Drop - Music
  223. Do I have an official bs player pro or fake?
  224. Problem with .wmv
  225. Lag on 1080p playback for ONE video
  226. Bs Player PRO 2.57.1051 versiyonda birçok bug var
  227. BS player playing videos wrong
  228. Plugin cannot be configured
  229. great player
  230. I just bought BsPlayer Pro but...
  231. is mmkeybsupp.dll a keylogger in BSplayer ??
  233. Having Trouble with Subtitles Time Correction
  234. Using a calibrated monitor for playback
  235. BSPlayer - adware
  236. Presentation
  237. Media Library song order
  238. Nokia X6 or HTC desire better for BS?
  239. 1080p mkv plays with clicking sounds
  240. Real (average) fps is lower than labeled one
  241. How to play VC-1 video with wmv extension?
  242. Screen capture is 0kb
  243. bsplayer 2.56 with youtube - is that legal?
  244. how to make bsplayer keep aspect ratio in full screen?
  245. MKV confusion
  246. cd audio
  247. Background full screen playback
  248. Detection of subs
  249. Windows 7 DPI Scaling - Drag & Drop issue
  250. Static