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kklaine 3rd August 2002 09:56 AM

Fullscreen skins
I'd like to know what the fullscreen skins are. Because I'm using version 0.84 (anything abovce .84 crahsesh in my computer..) So, what the deal is with Fullscreen skins? If a skin has got no fullscreen skin, what happens when switching to fullscreen? Nothing? Default skin or something else? And how could I develop fullscreen skin when I have no player that would support it? And most of all, what is the advantage of it? What does one gain from making two version of a skin?

kklaine 4th August 2002 01:00 AM

Lil more questions
Hey, gotta ask a few more things on this full screen skins thing.

- I noticed when studying other skins none of them had "Open" button. Is that an actual restriction or what the gag is?
- Also noticed that none of them had any of the text displayed. Is that also a restriction, and if it is, that's just stupid... Sorry, but I want to see at least the running time when I'm watching a film, possibly position bar as well. And status too... Can I define them in the skin.ini file in the [fullscreen] -part?
-Is there anything else that can be included in the normal mode but NOT in the fullscreen version? Anything else I should know?

goety 4th August 2002 08:21 AM

the fullscreen skins are just skins,
that appear when you're going fullscreen
and move you're mouse to the bottom of the screen,

they only have a statusbar and some advanced controls,
load subtitles, preferences, also pause stop, play,
no open ofcourse, because you can't go fullscreen if no movie is open.

the fulscreen skins aren't perfect, but it's I think the last big thing
BST implemented before he started working on version 1.0
in the next version there will be greater skin support,

now how comes you can't go fullscreen???
tell me your system config, download the latest version
of bsplayer. and let us know what error messages you get.


kklaine 4th August 2002 08:59 PM

Fullscreen problemos
Well, I told you already lots of this in email today, but let's tell the others as well. The problem is simply that various 0.85 version of bsplayer, once that would support fullscreen skins do not work. I can install them, but the just get stuck and nothing happens every time I try to launch them. .84 version works great, but the AFAIK fullscreen skin feature was not implemented in that.

Now, back to fullscreen skins: Do the buttons have specific names, because the one I did and you said it didn't work, I made the names up myself cos I thought it doesn't matter, but does it? I assume it does, so is there a full documentation of all the filenames and little details that one should keep in mind when making a skin...

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