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CSOCSO 21st February 2006 04:15 AM

Bigger Fullscreen Skin appearing in smaller size
Hey! i have a skin.. and the TrackBar and the VolumeBar is too short for me.
So i made the fullscreen background and the bars to bigger with the photoshop.

Extracted the skin in the skinmaker.... changed this 3 things and the skin was beautifull in the skinmaker.
but when i saved and load it in the bsplayer.. the fullscreen skin was cutted to half ( i saw the old size)

if i uncheck the skin and shape... the skin will be in good size. but i got pink background:(


Tizio 21st February 2006 08:50 AM

You only have to delete the rgnfs.dat file before creating your bsz skin, or simply when asked to create bsz, uncheck the rgn.dat and the rgnfs.dat files from the list.

Those files are created to remember the skin shape and to load more easily the skin evrey time you load BSplayer. But if you change the skin and don't delete those files, then a wrong shape is remembered, and the resulting skin get corrupted.

Delete those files every time you change the skin shape, also if you don't compress the skin in bsz format and want to leave it in its folder :wink:

CSOCSO 21st February 2006 07:03 PM

thx. but now whatever what im do, when i save and create a BSZ file.. that skin going to be the default bsplayer skin:(

Tizio 21st February 2006 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by CSOCSO
thx. but now whatever what im do, when i save and create a BSZ file.. that skin going to be the default bsplayer skin:(

But are you Creating a BSZ skin, or Testing a BSZ skin?
It souds a little strange to me, but if you found a bug, I'll try to fix it..
Let me know, I'm interested into this :wink:

CSOCSO 21st February 2006 07:25 PM

ok.. let me tell you all of the movements here:

>> Open the skin ( open a folder with skin name "***" is CHECKED!)

>> select the fullscreen skin

>> extract first the regular skin and close it ( now i have a skin.ini) extract the fullscreen skin ( and now i have skin.ini and skinfs.ini

>> change the movie window, the volume and track bar

>> (before this, i deleted the 2 dat files... but now just) delete only the rgnfs. dat.. because i just modify the fullscreen window...

>> F5 (Save)

>> F11 ( create BSz file)

now im get a massage: An error or more than 100 files have been finded in the folder.. all of them will be selected....


>> check in the recurse subfoldres

>> browse, type a name and then extract


the key!!: extract first the normal skin!!!!! and then close it and extract the fs skin!!!

Thank you Tizio for your help!!!

maybe you can stick this to the main skinmaker topic.. maybe thiswhill be helpfull for someone

Tizio 21st February 2006 07:48 PM

I think you found a bug!
You are the first :D

I'll look into this tomorrow and I'll fix it!
Thank you for the report! :wink:

CSOCSO 21st February 2006 09:59 PM


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