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SGSeries2 23rd August 2006 04:45 PM

Old Skin Request
My computer crashed just recently and although most of my files were archived elsewhere, it seems some things, such as my bsplayer skins (including one I personally made) weren't.

Anyways, back on the old site, there was an anime skin with Narusegawa of Love Hina fame on the right-hand side. I think it was just labeled as an "Anime skin", but not entirely sure. (I think it was the only anime skin on the site at the time.) I absolutely loved that skin. It was practically the biggest reason why I used BSPlayer so often. It was slick, clean, and just the right size. (The player's amazing, too, but that was the big kicker that separated it from mpc and the like for me.)

I've searched both the skins directory and the forums as well as other theme-related databases elsewhere, and that's one skin I just can't seem to find anymore. Does anyone here still have it/know where I can find a copy?

Tizio 23rd August 2006 06:48 PM

I donwloaded all the skins from bsplayer site before v2 come out, so if you found it there I probably have it..the problem is that there are really a lot of skins and none of them is named "Anime skin" or "Love hina" or "Narusegawa" or any of the possible combinations with those words..

If you can remember the right name (or if I'll find it) I'll upload it here :wink:

SGSeries2 23rd August 2006 09:28 PM

Hmmm. Wow. Thanks for such a quick reply. Well, I don't remember the exact name, unfortunately. It wasn't branded on the front of it or anything like that in which I'd remember it by. All I can really do is give a description of what it looks like. For example, play, pause, etc. were all at the bottom while statistical data like name and size of the video was on the top of the skin, some(?) of the corners were cut off to give it a bit of style, and the exit button I believe was on the bottom-right side split off from the main body of the skin yet fit intricately into whole skin (which seemed like a really cool idea to me). It's overall bg color gave off a light blue.

I don't think it had a volume control slider if that helps at all, but had video/time/length/position control slider (don't know what it's called, but you can get the idea). I don't think the volume control slider was implemented just yet when it was made, but wasn't important to me because it was easier to control the volume with the mouse wheel anyways. That's about the time I found bsplayer, and the skin. I guess that can help give you a time-wise estimate of where/when it was. I don't know if that really helps any though.

Tizio 24th August 2006 12:48 AM

Back again, but with bad news..
I tried all my 450 skins and I didn't found the one from Love Hina.
The only 2 skins with anime girls are:
- eX-D Lisa Sakakino
- Goddess

The first is from eX-D (and in this skin section of the forum you can find other eX-D skins made by Siddhesh Nagvenkar).
The second one is from Ah! My Goddess.

I also searched the net for a Narusegawa skin and I only found one for WinAMP.

In my opinion the Goddess skin is similar to the one you described me (and Belldandy hairs are similar to the Narusegawa's ones)

Take a look yourself at this skin, I hope it's at least similar to the one you wanted :wink:

SGSeries2 24th August 2006 03:49 AM

450?!? :shock: omg! That's a lot of skins! Thank you very much. :D

Hmmm... I found those two, too, from a link I found in the forums where they were talking about some original 62 that were apparently lost at some point in time. They're both pretty good, but bigger than what I anticipated. The Ah My Goddess! one is nice, but quite large for my taste. The one I was talking about was about a third that size (tall), but it does have somewhat of a resemblance to the one I had. Perhaps it's by the same artist? *looks for artist in link... no name. bah! so close?* Anyways, despite it's size, she is rather cute. :oops: I've been heavily considering that one as a replacement... :wink:

Maybe I could mod that one up a bit for my personal taste? Thanks for going through all that for me. I think Belldandy may have found a new home on my PC, at least for now. I'm in you debt.

Tizio 24th August 2006 12:26 PM

No debt, don't worry, we are here to help each other :wink:
If you want you can try to modify/create your skin by using my program BSP SkinMaker, maybe you can just resize Belldandy and then place the buttons/texts with my program :roll:

Bye :)

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