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cheftimothy 2nd January 2007 10:43 PM

Full Size Control Panel Only for second (touch) screen
I'm trying to find a full size (800x600) screen that I could leave up all the time on my second screen. Hopefully it would have buttons big enough for finger navigation. I Know I could install a front end application but That seeems like overkill for managing one program. I've tried using the skin creator but I just can't seem to figure the program out (too many drugs in my younger years ?)...

Also, has anyone ever seen a skin with a "Open Device" button...?

Thanks Everyone... Anyone... ... :oops:

Tizio 3rd January 2007 12:21 PM

Hi, can you tell me what problems have you with the SkinMaker?
I think I'll be able to help you since I'm the author of that tool, and maybe you can tell me how to helpalso other users :wink:

I haven't seen a skin with OpenDevice yet (but I haven't tested all of them), I'm also interested in a good skin with such a feature, but you can create yourself a skin with that option. You just need to open an already made skin and edit a button to act as OpenDevice :)

cheftimothy 7th January 2007 03:44 AM

How do you create a "Open Device" button ?
I'm still playing with your skin program and see many options for buttons to choose from, but "Open Device" is not on the list. I have looked through the forums but have not seen anything to give me a clue as to how a custom button (one not in the drop down menu of your program) can be made. Is there a good tutorial you can point me to :?:

Oh, despite having yet to really figure out how to fully use your skin maker, I can certainly appreciate the effort that went into it. Thanks!

Tizio 8th January 2007 10:42 AM

Sorry, my fault, there's no OpenDevice action .... :(
Probably that's the reason why I haven't yet edited/created a skin with such a feature :P

I jope BSPlayer team will add this action in next releases..

Anyway for a tutorial, you can download the documentation PDF you can find in Skins homepage :wink:

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