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chevanton87 3rd April 2009 04:28 PM

Control bar at the top in full screen?
Is there a skin in which i can set the control bar (in full screen mode) on top of the screen? Otherwise if it's not possible can i set this in an other way?

BSPeter 3rd April 2009 11:39 PM

Yes, you can do that using almost any skin.
It concerns a parameter in the file "skinfs.ini", which you can e.g. open in Notepad.
Let's just do it for Base-skin:
Look in BS.Player's installation-folder.
You will see a sub-folder "Skins"
Within that folder there is the folder "Base"
Now look for the file skinfs.ini
(If you do not see the extension: that is a setting in Windows!)
Open the skinfs.ini file in Notepad
At the top you will see:

; B-Bottom, T-Top, BT-Bottom and Top 1-Left, 2-Middle, 3-Right

Change the Line "Position=B,2" into "Position=BT,2"
Close+save the file.
Next time the controlbar will show both at bottom or at top (depending on position of your mouse pointer.)
Now that you have done this, you can do this also for any skin of your preference.
1. Rename your preferred skin "MySkin.bsz" into ""
(Again: If you do not see the extension: that is a setting in Windows!)
2. Unzip "" (e.g. in a folder "MySkin")
3. Do as above
then either
4a Zip all files inside the folder (not the folder itself) into e.g. "" and then rename the file "" into "My_Skin.bsz"
4b Simply use the folder "MySkin" itself (similar to the Base-skin folder)

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