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PHNX 6th July 2009 05:10 PM

Need Help With Skin Completion
I have various questions regarding things i need to know in order to complete my skin. I will post them as i go along.


Lets start with something simple. See the TV and RADIO buttons in the upper right corner? These buttons are supposed to call up the MediaLibrary in TV-Mode and Radio-Mode respectively. (Exactly like the BASE Skin does.)

What i need to know are the button-keycodes for these two functions.

BSPeter 7th July 2009 11:11 PM

Can't you perhaps find that in skin.ini file of Base-skin?

PHNX 8th July 2009 10:25 AM

Unfortunately not.

I dont know how they did it in Base, but there is no absolute keycode for these two functions.

Thats why i had to ask, because i just couldnt figure it out...

PHNX 13th July 2009 11:34 PM

I hope i didnt ask for any trade-secret,...:biggrin:

BSPeter 14th July 2009 01:05 AM

From Base-skin's ini:

Btn6=exvbtn6,49,37,0,98;Font, subs
Btn8=exvbtn8,51,80,0,103;Repeat mode
Btn1=exabtn1,50,9,0,103;Repeat mode
Btn3=exabtn3,51,64,0,73;$lang.Menu.18 $lang.Menu.19
Btn4=exabtn4,51,86,0,74;$lang.Menu.18 $lang.Menu.20


PHNX 14th July 2009 12:14 PM

Thanks Peter, i already found this when i checked the Base myself but thats not it.

In the case of these five AddSkin Functions, (including Radio and TV as 4 and 5), there must be more to it than just the plain numbers because numbers 1 through 5 are already occupied by other functions.

Example from Base skin.ini:



As you can see, 1 and 2 are VolUp and VolDown, yet they are supposed to be Video and DVD as well. Of course this cannot be, since one parameter cannot call two different functions in the same program. So the question is what are 1 and 2 really? The answer is they are definitely VolUp and VolDown, which means there must be some sort of 'trick' to reuse 1 and 2 for Radio and TV in the AddSkin Section.

And this trick (or better yet an absolute keycode) is precisely what i am looking for, because this goes for 4 and 5 as well. I dont know what functions 4 and 5 normally are since a button does nothing with them, but i can assure you they are not Radio and TV.

In any case thanks for your trying to help, i hope some dev can shed some light on this because it would be a pity if i couldnt complete my skin because of such litte details.

PHNX :smile

BSPeter 14th July 2009 12:39 PM

I knew/know that those button-nrs were/are already taken, but not for [AddSkinArea].
Doesn't that mean something?
Maybe Tizio can shed some light on this as well?
(Or otherwise indeed Ico-man as a team-member).

Ico-man 14th July 2009 03:01 PM

skinning bsplayer buttons
This "problem" is caused by the design of base skin.

Buttons video, dvd and audio were originals and they are meant to quickly open additional settings for each category (not to open ML).
Buttons Radio and TV were added later and since there is no need for additional settings, were made to point to correct section in ML.

We will add option to define buttons to open desired section of ML - in 2.43 beta.

In the meanwhile, you can still upload your skin and give users a chance to test it, and modify it later when we release beta with added code.

If you need any other skinning info for BS.Player, let us know.

PHNX 14th July 2009 04:15 PM

Thanks for the info Ico, much appreciated.

I will do a couple of final tweaks and testing during this week so i think i can upload a beta around the weekend.

As for the further completion process, what would be most helpful are suggestions as for what to do with the nine unlabeled buttons below the trackbar. Since my aim is to make it a possibly perfect allround-skin that can be used as a full replacement to Base, i am very much interested in hearing opinions as to which functions would benefit the most people in the best way. The functions that are important to me are already all covered, so as far as im concerned these nine buttons can be anything. But IMO they should be something that is useful to the majority of users, since it simply makes the most sense.

(If the BSP Team would like to see any specific functions covered there, please let me know which and in what order of arrangement. If you want any specific labels too (glyphs in this case) just let me know what you have in mind and i will get to it. Its my way of saying Thanks for your great free product and your unprecedented responses to User Feedback.)

Covered so far are: (Left-To-Right Order)

P-R-O Block: Preferences | RepeatModes | OpenFile

PL-EQ-ML Block: Playlist | Equalizer | MediaLibrary

Plus/Minus Block: Volume Control

Player Control Block Upper Row: Rewind | Play | FastForward | Pause

Player Control Block Lower Row: Previous | PreviousChapter | NextChapter | Next | Stop+CloseFile

Left Bottom 3-Block: MinimizePlayer | Skins | Cycle Aspect

Right Bottom 3-Block: JumpBackward | JumpToTime | JumpForward

Player Display: Volume Control | ToggleMute | RepeatModes | ToggleFullscreen

(Note: Fullscreen Skin is 100% identical to the normal skin, minus the non-available readouts in the display of course.)

The 'Video' button in the upper right control block currently opens HardwareVideoSettings, (the sliders), but is supposed to be extended with a submenu similar to that in Base in the further process. The other buttons of this block (DVD, Audio, TV, Radio), are not assigned yet.

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