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agw66 25th January 2014 04:29 PM

Gestures on HP SlateBook x2
I have recently bought an HP SlateBook x2, after having previously been using BSPlayer on an ASUS T300. The HP is running Android 4.3, the ASUS was 4.1.

On the HP the gestures only work when the Android navigation bar is visible. I have to tap the screen once to get the bar visible and then I can use gestures until the bar hides itself. If I try to use a gesture without the bar being visible then all it does is bring the bar back up. It does this under both HW and SW decoding.

By "navigation bar" I mean the bar along the bottom of the screen with the back, home and task manager buttons.

I never had this problem on the ASUS, but that might be because the navigation bar never hid itself. It had some ASUS thing that just turned the soft keys to dots / bullet marks when the bar was supposed to be hidden. At least, I‘m assuming that it was a custom ASUS thing that was doing it. The ASUS navigation bar also had a bunch of other stuff on it - shortcuts to the settings, a clock, that sort of thing.

Is anyone else getting this? I did a search on the forum but all I found was a posting from 2012 and no word on whether it was resolved. I‘m guessing its not a common problem.

Is there any way to stop the navigation bar from auto-hiding when a video is playing?

Ico-man 4th February 2014 02:02 PM

Yes, there is an option in Preferences, never hide OSD.

Br1Bar 13th April 2015 11:45 AM

I have the same problem,
with Android Honeycomb or ICS the Android nav bar is always visible with three shaded dots, so to BSPlayer gestures are available at the first touch.

With Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and later versions, the first touch gets the nav bar visible, and then i can use gestures in BSPlayer, so i always need to touch the screen twice to use gestures. This is very annoying.

I checked all BSPlayer settings menus, but i didn't find the option "Never hide OSD".

The auto hide nav bar is a wonderful feature, but if this function requires me to double-tap the screen to get gestures, i don't like it.

Is there a way to unhide the Android nav bar withot touching the screen? I mean, for example, with a swipe-up gesture from the lower edge of the screen with a menu to enable/disable it?

Thank you.

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