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MatH 30th January 2015 06:48 PM

BS Player Keeps Crashing when streaming
I have been using BS player for the past year. It has come on leaps and bounds and has improved massively over the past 12 months.

However I still have an ongoing problem with player crashing when streaming media online from YouTube. For some reason the player keeps crashing and closing down after about 10-15 mins or so of continuous use. Its really frustrating as I often listen to long YouTube talks at double speed and the player just randomly crashes and closes.

Also, I am having an issue with the audio dropping out of sync with the video. Its ok at first, but after continuous play of about 10 mins its gets progressively worse.

Here are my specs:

Galaxy s4 Android 4.4.2

My BS Player selected settings:
Video Decoding - Drop Frame if behind
Hardware (BS Player engine) decoding mode
Use Alternative HW decoding (checked)
Youtube Quality - 360p
Network Buffer Size - Large
Enable pre-buffering (checked)
SMB Timeout - 100 seconds

Any help or advice how to resolve this would be brilliant.


MatH 1st February 2015 05:16 PM

I have done a bit more experimenting and BS player only seems to crash when streaming video via the mobile data on my device (i.e. 4G.) When I stream using WiFi, BS player seems to run ok (although audio still out of sync with video )

I have also tried to disable my enable pre-buffer setting (thinking that this could possible be using too much ram resulting in BS player crashing.) However disabling this has made no difference at all.

Any ideas??

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