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mdenis 25th March 2010 06:59 PM

Subtitles disappear
Here's the problem. Everything is going smooth and well in fullscreen but when I simply exit fullscreen and do something in some other application (e.g. browser) while movie is still going, subtitles disappear from movie even though in right click menu I can see that they are still loaded. Then I have to close BSPlayer and open everything again to continue watching the movie normally. However, if I pause the movie before exiting fullscreen, do something in another application, get back to fullscreen and unpause, subtitles won't disappear. One more thing, it doesn't happen always, sometimes there's no problem at all, but more often there is.
I'm using BSPlayer 2.50 and win 7.

shablul123 28th March 2010 01:34 PM

same problem for me..
the subtitles just sometimes disappear.
(I have tried bsplayer v2.50/v2.51/v2.52b)
THIS is not a problem with the subtitle file. this is a problem with bsplayer itself (I have tried many different srt subtitles, different movies, this proble mis related only to bsplayer program, this is a bug with bsplayer)

even when I FIRST load the subtitles it just that sometimes I CAN'T see the subtitle text (I DON'T get any error when I load the subtitle file)

the funny thing is that when I close bsplayer and run it again and load the subtitle file, it sometimes fix the problem,

THIS IS A huge bug with bsplayer, you have got to fix it for the next version.

furmaster3000 25th April 2011 11:50 AM

Same problem
Yeah got same problem, but strangly only with High Def movies.

Hillbilly 14th August 2011 03:28 AM

I have a similar problem.
I watched a movie with subtitles at the start, french to english, all OK. The movie then proceeds in english without subtiltles as the movie is now in english. An hour later more french but the english subtitles do not reappear until I turn them on again. The subtitles seem to timeout. Any fix for this? Thanks

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