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beholder4096 30th March 2011 02:54 AM

BSp crashes first time on startup after computer restart?
Hi guys, this came with the latest BSplayer version:
on the eee intel-based netbook that frequently loads movies via home wifi network the player crashes upon "first start of the new movie" (basically double clicking movie icon in windows explorer shell). The movie starts playing but the player shows crash message. When I close the player and run the player itself again, it doesn't remember the movie that crashed but instead loads last played movie (one played before the one I wanted to play this time).
Funny thing is that when I load the new movie into that same player again it runs fine and the player continues running other files too. Until next computer restart, I think..

This could be something with BSplayer accessing a movie over network or a network buffering issue or maybe something as simple as search for subtitles online. Must still debug it and all problems around it, but in this phase I wanted to ask if anyone has had any problems like this too and if you could give me any pointers/hints about it. Thanks, the frequent crashing gets on my nerves.

Will later submit crash logs too..

beholder4096 13th April 2011 02:47 AM

caused by subtitle search
This crashing was caused by searching for subtitles (online) -- turning off this feature stopped
'crashing over network' alltogether. Seems like the process assessing the file over network somehow crashed BSplayer, while the file opened normally in play window and played.

It's still weird it happened only the 1st time after computer restart when a file was played, restart of BSplayer stopped crashing until next restart of system.

I'd like to get a comment from developers or an admin if possible what is going to happen with this report and whether I should pursue this issue any further (it's a non-issue for me now since I discovered how to remove it).

Ico-man 13th April 2011 08:27 AM

Send us crash report and PM me email you used for the report.

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