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rockbatera 21st August 2011 01:16 AM

[SOLVED] Image is upside-down
I installed the BSPlayer Pro V 2.58 (build 1053B, 26 may 2011) and when I open a DVD from a directory or from default DVD, the image is upside down. If I open a file with AVI or WMV extension, it opens normally. I looked for any option on the menu to turn the image back but I didn't find anything. I had it installed on my computer last week and it was ok. I formated my CPU and when I installed it again, it was like this. On my mother's Windows 7 laptop it is also ok and I have just installed it.

My OS is Windows XP SP2 and the CCCP Codec Pack...
Please tell me what to do....


BSPeter 21st August 2011 02:13 AM

Wow, an upside down image. That's quite a while ago.
Eeeek, a codec pack again!:eek:
So I've no idea what could be the problematic codec/filter.

Therefore let's proceed as follows:
Load/open a DVD (when opened you may pause it).
Then rightclick > Options > Filters > Advanced
Now you see the filter(s)/codec(s) which are actually used by BS.Player for playback of the DVD.
Click on "source" and on the small [+]-signs in front of the filters/codecs shown. This will give you further information and access to the settings of those filters/codecs. Perhaps you can "flip video" or similar there?

If no luck, please report back what (video)filters/codecs BS.Player uses for your DVDs.

Your graphic card's drivers may also play a trick on you, so check these too and also give us some info on your graphic card.

If you are successful in repairing your problem, please also report back and let us know how you fixed it (this for the possible benefit of other users).

rockbatera 21st August 2011 03:59 AM


when I click on > Options > Filters > Advanced , there's nothing under "DVD Source". The three options for me to click on the + - signs are:

Default Direct Sound Device

MPEG Video Decoder (Gabest)


None of these give me any option to "flip video" or anything similar.

My graphic card is actually onboard. It's an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series.
I believe the graphic drivers are ok because before formating the PC I was using the same ones and BS Player worked fine....

Thank You....

rockbatera 22nd August 2011 12:53 AM

It was actually the graphic card drivers.... I had installed a different driver from last time....

It all worked out....

Thank You for the help.... apreciate it...


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