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igor 9th May 2003 12:54 PM

bsplayer won't work properly
I can see that bsplayer is potentially a much better player than e.g. divx2.1, so I WOULD like to use it. However, I cannot make it working properly.

This is what happens in different situations with all my movies:

1.Remove all codecs, install ffdshow-alpha2003-04-24. bsplayer plays video, no sound.

2.Install DivX5.0.5Pro bundle. The same. divx2.1 player - video, no sound, complains about unknown sound format.

3.Install Nimo pack 5 build 9. divx2.1 player now plays video and sound flawelessy, still no sound in bsplayer.

gspot 2.1 says that movie sound is mpeg1 layer 3 and that the decoder is installed. However, in the "Details" window it says "...DirectShow was unable to render movie overall". In the "details" window of DirectShow it says "DirectShow was unable to play the file. The only information returned is the error message: Error number 0x80040218. Error name: VFW_E_CANNOT_RENDER. Full error text: No combination of filters could be found to render the stream".

Recall that nevertheless divx21. plays the movies ok. In bsplayer the volume knob is freezed, no sound.

Any help? I would also appreciate someone pointing me to a good review of video/audio codecs available. Most places I came across just tell you to do this and that without actually explaining why. I do and then something does not work, and I don't have a clue.

What I don't really understand in my current situation is how different players which are supposed to be independent on particular codecs (that' the whole idea, isn't it?) apparently do depend on them...

Another question: when I deinstall everything to start from a clean state, and run gspot on my video file, it still tells me video/audio codecs are installed and tells the same error message about DirectShow. I tried to remove the video codecs shown by gspot as installed, by hand, got complaints from the system that DirectX90 files are replaced by wrong versions. Apparently DirectX90 does include some codecs? I reinstalled dx90 after that complaint. What a mess... My OS is windows XP Pro.


LoS 9th May 2003 01:18 PM

this happens to me when i try to play (some) corrupted files in bsplay. they are played ok to some degrees in divxplayer and they are played sound-less or not played at all in bsplayer. it seems that divxplayer can render corrupted files while bsplayer can't. but i might be wrong and it might not that be your problem. it happend to me because i've copied some movies from cd using a crappy 6 years old cd drive. or if you have downloaded them, they also could be corrupted... anyway, that;s just an idea...

igor 9th May 2003 04:46 PM

I don't think corruption is the cause since it happens with ALL my files (about 10).


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