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advance2life 17th August 2003 10:14 AM

I fixed the problem of the Bsplaye will not play on win98 SE
well..first of I reinstalled win98 se again on my HD and the first thing I intalled after that is the bsplayer, still didn't work, that eliminates all the option that there is a codec or another program intefering with it.
now i don't know why it happend like that in the first place, but at least I know the seluion now on how to fix it. any way it worked for me.

first of all you need to grab a magic partetion 7 or above I used versoin 7
I repartioned the HD then changed the cluster size from 4 to 16
then set it to active then format it with fat or fat32 I used fat 32.

then I istalled win98 SE then wala wored..I think the reson is that in the past I just formated my HD from Dos like this: format c:/u/s which is not very good format, that will leave some info although you can see it empty. so when you change the cluster size when you partion the HD then ohh very important the you need to format it with a high secure ereasing format and magic partition 7 will give ya that optin when you partion the HD. any way when you change the cluster size that will force the program to be installed on different cluster then the originall one. so here ya go...try that and if ya stuck somewhere make sure you read all the info about everything first.

i really would like to know what this program just suddenly disappeared from the screen in the first place...but hey programs are peace of code and anything could happen in the Computer world.

Good LUCK and forgive my mistakes of speeling. :lol:

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