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trodas 10th September 2003 07:02 PM

Subtitles not load when loading movie second time
As the subject suggest, try loading same movie with subtitles into the right place with it, twice. When you first double-click on it, subs are there. When you did it, W/O doing anything else during its playback, again, subtitles are gone.

In case is the 2-files movie, and you are twice loaded the second part, you get second time the subtitles for first part, and this is not going to change even if you are specifically load the right ones :evil:

If the movie are one-file one (one CD rip), then you second time got NO SUBTITLES at all, even if you specificaly load them... :roll: :evil:

And if its a first of 2CD movie part, no subtitles at all, even if you try load them next manually, when you starting to miss them.

Could it be fixed? :roll: :wink: ...but after the bug, introduced into latest builds, witch cause jerky playback over 100MB network, please... :evil:

scotty81 10th September 2003 07:19 PM

that's why there are .bsi files!!
the easiest for you and the easiest for bst too!!

arana 13th September 2003 01:07 AM

subtitles not loading on second etc etc Solution and problem
bsplayer is the one i use and love, but has some details, we know is not even version 1 and is still the best player there.

i have some movies in 2 parts, some even 3 parts
i use bsplayer .500 and have no problems with subs

what i do is just create a playlist and as long as the subs name is the same as the movie filename everything works ok (thats for .srt, i haven tried .sub no more cos thats a lot of sync issues)

thats my solution, now my problem:
i use vobsub or ffdshow with subtitles support (for encoding purposes)
well when those are active i want bsplayer to NOT load them automatically, coz if first movie of playlist is playing then i notice i forgot to turnoff vobsub, then i just press 'S' in bsplayer and subtitles go away, so far so good, but when second part of movie starts playing, they come back, and i have to walkup again to the tv (so no much use for a playlist to me this way).

by the way, any plan on bsplayer to support ssa format??

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