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arana 13th September 2003 01:11 AM

vbr and bsplayer bug ??
still cant keep the sync in some vbr movies

this must be a problem with bsplayer, since divxplayer does not go out of sync, neither crystal player does, but i hate those 2, i want bsplayer to be
able to play vbr ones without audio going out of sync, seems like direct play or something is messing things up or i dunno, i just know, i dont want to have other thing than bsplayer, but as long as i have this problem i will have to use other players that just dont have enough of the options i love in bsplayer.

arana 4th November 2003 09:44 PM

PLEASE!! someone help with sync problems
as i said before i have problems with athlon xp 1800+
256 ram

some movies (apparently ones with VBR audio) lose the sync gradually
they start just fine then sync problems go bigger as movie plays.

i dont have these problems with divx player or crystal player
but i dont want to use those, i want to keep using bsplayer for all my vids.

can anyone please give me some tip on what to do?

adicoto 4th November 2003 10:08 PM

Seems you have an MP3 decoder that can't handle well vbr. So, my advice, install divx 3.11 and when asked about the older file called l3codeca.acm, say yes. Second, install latest divx and xvid codec.

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