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layer 25th September 2003 12:17 AM

StartTime=HH:MM:SS Not work
I have tried to put

StartTime= X

but is not working

the sub is in SRT format

the second cd start from the "start" of the SRT subtitle:(

I have the last version of Bs and my machin run Windows 2003

Sory by the bad english :oops:

BSPeter 25th September 2003 12:57 AM

I understand that the ini-file you made is not working.
To create ini (bsi) files maybe Matimott's utility "inimaker" could be helpful to you (see item 7 in Help to Help hereunder).

If you're having problems that video and subtitles are out of sync, you might also consider to resync the subtitlefile. To that purpose there are several utilities available:
three subtitle utilities for you to choose from
some sort of manual for subsync

(Earlier post by scotty81 re use of "StartTime")

Finally note that BSPlayer has some options to manually adjust subtitle timing. (Info from BSPlayer's about box:
Ctrl+Left/Right: Subtitles time correction -/+ resp. VobSub subtitles dec/inc delay
Shift+Left/Right: Subtitles time correction -/+ (small steps) resp. VobSub subtitles dec/inc speed )

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