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kbelles 22nd July 2002 08:54 PM

Jerky (Div3?) play (skip -> keyframe)
While playing a Div3, MPEG III, 720x368, 25fps file (on a 600Mhz P3, 384MB RAM, GeForce 256, SBLive!) BSPlay seems to get about 2/3 of the way playing between keyframes, then jerks forward to the keyframe and starts again.
This behaviour doesn't show up in either VirtualDub (which selects the DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Low-Motion codec) or the DivX Player 2.0 Alpha 5, with the same avi under the same load conditions. This seems to occur fairly often with the older encoded files. I have BSPlay set to use the Div4 encoder, and to load DivX ;-) settings, CPU and postprocessing set all the way up, film effect (what IS that, anyway?) off.
I'd rather use BSPlay given a choice, and I would hate to not be able to recommend it.

Any suggestions or help, or is this a bug?

xlv600 23rd July 2002 02:30 AM

If you've never uninstalled DivX drivers, you may have a lot of them, and don't really know the one is really used. In your situation, I think I would uninstall all of them and only reinstall DivX5.02, or the newly ffdshow. Be aware that when all DivX filters are removed, DivX.dll is able to replace the decoder in it's job! You can also rename the DivX filters one after an other in your system directory and in the BSPlayer\filters directory but its quite a durty job.

Depending of the bitrate of your movie a P3@600MHz may not be enough to play it smoothly.

The Film effect setting you've seen in BSplayer options are intended to setup a new feature of the DivX5.02 decoder. It adds a random noise that looks like scratches. Some movie addicts seems to like that, as some people prefer vinyls analog sound to digital records. A matter of taste.

If you don't have DivX5.02 decoder, I thing it would be worth to download. The decoder, is the same in basic or pro version. If you don't need to adjust color settings, I suggest you to enable "YUV extended mode" and "Overlay extended mode". It will help you to run BSplay in both mode 1&2. And disable "double buffering" and "smooth playback" which are known to be bugged.

kbelles 23rd July 2002 04:26 AM

On the DivX 5.02 codec, I enabled YUV and Overlay extended modes. Double buffering & smooth playback had never been enabled.
Codecs-wise, I think I only have 3 DivX codecs installed according to Multimedia Properties under Win98SE:
DivX 5
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video (Fast Motion)
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video (Low Motion)
I don't see how this explains how a movie plays smoothly in the DivX 5.02A5 player and under the VirtualDub editor, & jerkily with BSPlay.

I guess a good question is how much machine do you need just to play DivX material with BSPlayer? I know a P-166 isn't enough, but have had stuff with a like resolution & frame rate play fine on a PII-450, so I assumed my machine to have more than enough horsepower.

P.S. Thanks for telling me about the film effect. Not for me, thanx!

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