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axg 11th November 2003 05:09 PM

Problem with Windows 2000 and BSplayer (some Versions)
Heyas all, well my Problem is as followed:

Windows 2000 Explorer uses the Windows Media Player to show a "preview" window on the left side of the screen for every Media its familiar with. Well this was no Problem a few months ago, but for some months I now encounter following problem:

When starting a File from the explorer with this Preview active, older Vers (0.86 etc) state me Overlay Failed and then play without overlay, which is as you all know choppy and resource-intensive.

Ok, 1.0RC1 shows the same behaviour, even though using the
VMR-9 Overlay (What the Heck is that anyway?) works fine.

The other problem with VMR9 is that you can clearly see "lines" going through the Picture and causing some "clipping" errors with edges just does not look good.

Well my Question is: why does this happen, I had no such problems with for ex Bplay 0.84 (which is, for other reasons, not any longer useable with me)

Well this is my problem..and its driving me nuts to be honest. There is no way to disable this Preview in Windows, so.. :(

adicoto 11th November 2003 09:45 PM

You can disabl epreview in explorer. Use the "clasic style" in options.
VMR 9 is video mixing renderer, included and working only with directx 9 and above.

axg 12th November 2003 02:23 PM

Yeah I know, but this does not disable the preview but the whole sidebar, which I like to use to watch status information etc.

so no Preview deactivation without sidebar.

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