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Chuko 14th November 2003 01:12 AM

BS Player will not do anything!
My new problem is simple, BSPlayer will not play a thing! I have just downloaded version 1, and I have fiddled with all of the options. First, I cannot acsess the DivX and Directshow properties in the preferences menu. I did have this problem with the first version, but I have since forgotten how to fix it. Secondly I cannot set the Audio Output device to anything but default. I can change it to whatever I wish, but it just goes back to default. These are proberly simple fix problems, but I have no idea how to fix them.

God, I miss the good old reliable version .8...

System Info

Celeron 1.70 Ghz
256 Mb Ram
Realtech AC97 Audio

All have latest drivers

Thanks for any help you can provide, I'll spend the resto of the afternoon trying to fix this problem myself, but any help at all would be much apreciated


Chuko 14th November 2003 01:43 AM

Ok, I have it running, but I still do not have acsess to the DixX, the Directshow, options (they are still grayed out) and also I cannot select the Audio Output device to anything but Default, (well I can, but it just returns to default when I do it,) I have the latest codexs for DirectX, so that is not the problem.

Edit! I also have a small query, that should not realy be in the bugs section, but when the video is on full screan, it shows the picture, but not in full screen. Insted the picture is surrounded by a screen of black. by pushing Shift-3, it goes to full screen, but thats a too roundabout method. Any help would be apriciated.

I soo miss the old version!

Edit part II
I give up! I am lucky I have a copy of .86 still on my computer, I will use that intill the stability issues with the latest releace are resolved!

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