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metallikop 28th July 2002 12:29 AM

No Video
I was seeing video a few days ago w/ BSPlayer, but recently I'm not getting any video. I didn't change any BSPlayer settings. I can still see video in mpalyer2 or zplayer. I'm having this problem w/ both the XviD and DivX 3.11 codec. Turned on and off ffdshow filter.

Help would be great.


metallikop 28th July 2002 12:37 AM

Let me add something:

1. I can hear audio. Either AC3 or MP3.
2. The video window sizes to the correct resolution, but it stays black.

Thanks again.

Quietseb 28th July 2002 11:13 AM

That's not uncommon

Go to options->preferences (Ctrl+P)
video tab

try to switch overlay mode ( 1 <-> 2 )
If that's not better, try to disable overlay and possibly use "force RGB mode"

(nota: If bsplayer crashes when you validate a change, start bsplayer again without loading a film, apply the change, then load a film to see if it's better)

metallikop 29th July 2002 03:51 AM


Thanks a lot Quietseb, mode 2 worked. Wonder how it got changed in the first place.

Now, what's the difference between mode1 and mode2? Just curious.

Quietseb 29th July 2002 06:02 PM

Well I don't know :roll:

What I can say is that depending on the film and the filters used (like VobSub, which can also try to force its display mode I think), mode1 works or not, mode2 works or not, but RGB mode always work ;)

Kwan 19th February 2003 01:41 AM

Ok.. I know about the search button
But I just reply to this anyway..

I tried those settings but it still doesn't works

All black window and nothing happens to the counter
00:00:00 all the time

mrak 27th September 2003 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Quietseb
Well I don't know :roll:

What I can say is that depending on the film and the filters used (like VobSub, which can also try to force its display mode I think), mode1 works or not, mode2 works or not, but RGB mode always work ;)

I have mpg file in one screen i see subs "bsp" , and video in other screen "active movie Window" how can i repair that

trodas 28th September 2003 05:03 PM

Quietseb - difference between mode1 and mode2 is the quality of colors & logically size of data, transferred trought bus (though it matter only on very slow systems) :wink:

The real technical difference is that mode 1 is YUV420 and mode 2 YUV422. No clue? Well, study YUV formats a bit :wink:

But i might give you a hint. YUV420 is 12bits per pixel, YUV422 is 16. 422 is used only for mpeg2 video and WM9 video, because of necessary color fidelity - 422 is same quality, as RGB32 ! :twisted:
(well, in fact, as RGB24, because the 8bits are just and unused overlay, but i don't want confise anyone too much)

420 is used mostly where size matters and color fidelity is not as big problem. Typically mpeg(1) and all mpeg4 formats (DivX, Xvid and such)...

Do you ever wonder, why some scenes rules on DVD and suxx on DivX? So, there is the answer - because all mpeg4 formats have crippled colors in order to reach their small size. Try watching The Abyss (opening sequence) or U-571 on DVDs and on Xvid. Especially underwatter scene of U-571 going inder Nazi chip are HORRIBLE into DivX or Xvid. See on DVD them and you don't believe own eyes.
Another case to watch are nice shades on empty sky around rising/dawning sun and scenes like this.
But that's the price (desplite the picture orginal size and lost sharpness) of puting DVD on CD and most users pay it gladly.

Well, one special thing - AFAIR IntelIndeo oldie AVI codecs using special, even crappier YUV mode, witch using only 9 bites per pixel. Old Cirrus/and other chips have a special mode for supporting this crap.

Conclusion - is not a big problem to play mode1 things into mode2 overlay. It could be a problem trying to play mode2 things (DVD/WM9) into mode1 overlay. Either the player did not allow it at all, or there are problem with colors :roll:
I don't know.
Never tried for myself.

Quietseb 29th September 2003 08:30 PM

to be honest, I've not read the various posts that were written this past year (yes, my above post is more that 1 year old ;) ) about mode1/mode2 differences. :roll:

I'm thinking about reading more about color spaces and everything [after all it's part of my schoolwork this year ;)] as soon as possible.
your explanation should be perfectly clear by then [already grasped most of it I think ;)]

sorry I don't really understand your problem

Jshogouki 23rd October 2003 09:03 PM

Hello I am a newbie and I am having a problem playing a specific file on bsplayer.The file is a .ogm file and everytime I try to play it all I get is a black screen and the counter stays the same.I tried the tip posted in this thread but to no luck.The bsplayer I'm using is version 0.86 build 497.If it's of any help "divx 5.05" appears in the path file for the file that is giving me trouble.

I appreciate any help :D

Quietseb 23rd October 2003 09:27 PM

1. maybe update your bsplayer. last version is 0.86.501 (16 sept) and ogm support has been getting better and better I think (I don't have that many ogm files)

2. feed your file to Gspot. It will tell you what you need to play your file and whether your system is currently able to play it correctly.
If you miss a video codec, I'd suggest ffdshow (latest alpha version on sourceforge) which acts as a replacement for several video codecs (as a decoder only)

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