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V 10th January 2004 11:13 PM

Choppy Video Problems on RC1 803
I've been using BS Player for a while now, and have had the RC1 803 version installed since November, with everything running perfectly. In the past week, though, video has started to get quite choppy.

At first I thought it was my computer, so I went through all normal PC troubleshooting things. Everything else works fine, *except* for when bsplayer is running. Then I noticed that the CPU usage of bsplayer was varying wildly. Normally in the low single digits, if I tried to access something else in Windows it immediately shot up 100%. It maintained the high 90s until I stopped using the computer and a few minutes passed. If *nothing* else is running it still works fine, however, this is causing serious problems with my normal computer habits as I usually stream video through the TV while I use the computer for other things.

Is this a known problem? It is only exibited in bsplayer, not windows media player, or zoomplayer which I am using currently as a stopgap measure. I like bsplayer best, and would like to continue using it, anybody got any ideas on what the problem might be?

AMD XP1800
OS: XP Home
ATI Radeon 9600
512 RAM

Shouldn't have a problem, and didn't until recently. ;)

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